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Lemei soft clay, a 'nano-level toy' for children with high IQ

by:Toysmax     2021-05-21
The domain will inevitably be a 'material revolution' triggered by nanometers. This new material and new technology have been applied to the children's toy market and become a new favorite for the development of children's high IQ. Recently, a handmade DIY product called 'LEEM soft clay' made of nano-materials has entered the world of children's educational toys. Soft clay is popular in kindergartens. In a classroom of a kindergarten in Dongcheng District, Shenzhen, children are gathered together, concentrating on kneading soft clay of various colors on plastic plates, looking for a small tool from time to time to Various colors of mud are mixed and collaged, creating their own works with heart, and exerting the unlimited imagination of the children.   'Lem soft clay' allows children to grow up while playing. 'This is our newly purchased LEEM soft clay. The children will love it as soon as they pick it up.' Teacher Chen from the kindergarten told reporters. The parent next to him reported that 'the child loves to take pottery classes, and each class can make a beautiful soft pottery artwork, which is very fulfilling.'   Scientific research shows that the real world first enters people's perception system through colorful colors and images. If you just perceive blindly, the creative potential of the brain is difficult to be well explored. Soft clay toys provide children with a way to shape and recreate after perception, which is very conducive to the overall development of children and adolescents’ perception, hands-on ability and intelligence. Long-term exposure to these toys can help improve children’s IQ, but There are so many soft clay forests on the market, so parents and teachers have no choice. 'Our kindergarten is relatively high-end, and the soft clay is also carefully selected. The LEEM soft clay is very suitable for children to use. It is moderately flexible, has a long storage time, and is produced with advanced nano-level materials. The best soft clay!' Teacher Chen seemed quite contented.   survey shows that this kind of “nano soft clay” from Beijing LEEM is currently popular all over the country. In Shenzhen alone, dozens of kindergartens are purchased as special teaching supplies.  LEEM soft clay helps to develop children's high IQ. Why is LEEM soft clay called “nano clay”? What makes it different? The reporter interviewed Chief Engineer Zhu of Lemei Company in charge of product development. 'LEEM soft clay adopts the most advanced scientific research achievements in developed countries such as the United States, South Korea, Germany, etc., uses nano-scale inorganic materials as fillers, and uses environmentally friendly resins and food-grade raw materials for processing. This not only solves the problem of long-term storage. Hard industry problems, and greatly improved the performance of the soft clay, with moderate hardness, long-term storage is not easy to harden, the clay is very uniform and delicate, non-sticking, non-deformation and non-fading after barbecue, etc. The important thing is that it does not contain phthalate substances that are gradually banned by various countries. It has passed the US SGS safety and environmental protection testing certification and will not cause any harm to the human body. These are not available in other soft clays.' Chief Engineer Zhu said.   It is understood that LEEM soft clay has passed the test of the national 'Toy Safety' standard. Because of its excellent performance and safety, it has become an ideal toy to help children develop high IQ. The staff of Lemei Company took out hundreds of photos to show reporters how many kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, and children’s educational institutions used Lemei soft clay in handicraft classes. The children used soft clay of different colors to create a combination. A variety of weird simulation foods, lighting, hair accessories, bag decorations, necklaces, earrings, etc., are also molded out of characters, cartoon dolls, animals, and vivid flowers.   In order to better satisfy the needs of children’s educational needs of nano-level clay clay, LEEM soft clay has also developed various products such as metal series, fluorescent series, pearl series, luminous series, etc., which are all well received by the market. According to the data, LEEM soft clay has been sought after by educational institutions and parents and children once it was launched. Its sales are booming. It receives a large number of orders from all over the country every day. At present, the products have covered more than 4,800 nationwide. Home kindergarten and elementary school. In response to different customer needs, LEEM soft clay has also launched the 'LEEM Ceramic Art Teaching PackageThe dosage is specially tailored for educational institutions, and they are all selling well. Children are the future of the nation. Early childhood education is the focus of the whole society. But to do this well, in addition to advanced concepts and methods, good facilities and equipment are also very important. I believe that LEEM soft clay Inspired by the use of high technology to create 'nano-level' DIY toys, more and better DIY children's educational toys will appear in people's eyes in the future, bringing children a more colorful life.
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