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Lego brand ambassador accused Lego bricks of restricting children's creativity

by:Toysmax     2021-05-25

Fogel accused Lego of building various constraints. Children should have the opportunity to transcend rather than obey. Lego deprived children of the right and freedom to create.

The Lego block class is in full swing in China. In the minds of children and parents, this 'best toy of the 20th century' represents unlimited imagination and creativity.

However, according to 'British Telegraph' education editor Javier Espinoza (Javier Espinoza) wrote on May 3, Lego brand ambassador Ben Fogle (Ben Fogle) recently accused Lego hinders children's development and rigidizes children's creativity.

Fogel said that the building principles of Lego bricks require children to copy them step by step, but when children cannot build the style on the picture, their self-confidence is frustrated. Similarly, the education system disciplines students through repeated examinations, depriving the creativity of freedom, and perhaps the entire education system is just another large Lego building block.

[Original Translation]

Ben Fogel recently made a statement saying that if he were to write an essay on the terrible state of the education system, he It will be named 'How Lego Destroyed the World'.

In his opinion, Lego, a once whimsical game, has been transformed into a 'rigid building block building dogma'. Children must build blocks strictly in accordance with the guidelines of the instructions.

Vogel spoke at a meeting of the Boarding School Association, “I’m not trying to target Lego, a Danish company that produces 19 billion bricks a year. For many parents, Lego stimulates creativity. Games are a way to keep children away from tablet computers. When I was young, those colorful building blocks could be assembled freely under our creativity. There is no right or wrong. But today's Lego is not only expensive, but also contains instructions. , Teach children how to build building blocks. Children no longer create, but learn to empathize with one another. The children are also frustrated and lose confidence because they cannot build a rocket in accordance with the requirements of the instructions.'

Fogel accused Lego of building various constraints. Children should have the opportunity to transcend rather than obey. Lego deprives children of the right and freedom to create.

When he made these remarks, thousands of parents took their children to the streets to protest against the destruction of children’s creativity in school-age children’s exams and the difficulty of SAT questions. , Does not match the age level of the child.

However, if parents continue to take their children out for demonstrations, they may face a fine of $120. Critics believe that doing so by parents is tantamount to taking their children as political hostages. The local government is expected to regard these children participating in the demonstrations as 'unapproved absenteeism

Fogel believes that Lego is the epitome of the entire education system. The government recently plans to conduct national examinations for 7-year-old children, a society obsessed with examinations and a building block game obsessed with rules. The education system is full of rules for building blocks.

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