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Is the wooden toy good? Muwan Family Five-in-One Intelligence Box

by:Toysmax     2021-06-03

The child is in a period of restlessness. Many toys end the 'service' in their hands. It is not that these toys are 'unsoundIf it’s a wooden toy, maybe it’s a bit more fun, right? Wooden toys, the editor recommends to you: Muwan Family Five-in-One Intellectual Toys.

Muwan family five-in-one intellectual toys, gathered together: treasure chest, bead frame, abacus frame, track board, small white board, for children to play. Different categories, with different gameplay, are they very attractive to parents and friends? This five-in-one intelligence box can stimulate children's brain and hands.

The cute fruit recognition board, although there are only a few kinds of fruits, we can change them randomly. Help your baby recognize fruits, finger flexibility, ability to match things and memory, etc.

Abacus, surely everyone has learned it? This set of abacus can help babies recognize numbers, colors, and understand basic number algorithms and mathematics for enlightenment education.

Smooth small whiteboard, which can be used by children to write and draw on it. It has multiple uses and is very suitable for children to use.

Parent-child track is to exercise children's cognition of causality. You can play a simple three-level game, which is necessary for parent-child games.

At this time, perhaps some parents will ask: Will wood chips get stuck in the hands of children? Parents and friends can rest assured that we have been finely polished and smooth.

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