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Is it possible to increase the proportion of toy products in maternal and child stores to 6% or even higher?

by:Toysmax     2021-05-12

In addition to milk powder and diapers, what other categories can you pay attention to in maternal and child stores? Such as nutritional products, such as complementary foods.

For example, toys.

Will there be any new growth in the category of toys in maternal and child stores?

Competition in the maternal and infant industry has become increasingly fierce

The author entered the toy industry in 2007, opened toy chain terminal stores for 5 years, and worked as a professional service provider for maternal and infant channel toy projects for 7 years. In the past 10 years, the 'Toys Most Powerful' toy training platform has witnessed the entire development of the toy category in the maternal and child channel, from scratch to increase its proportion to 3% or more, and also witnessed the category of maternal and child terminal stores And the development process of the project.

Today, the competition in maternal and child terminal stores presents a situation of multi-dimensional fierce competition. Competitors are diversified and invisible. In addition to more physical stores, there are also e-commerce, micro-business, direct sales and other formats. The segmentation of the market; store costs continue to increase, staff salaries, insurance, shop rent and marketing promotion, etc.; the 'second child bonus' has not achieved the expected effect.

From December 13th to 14th, at the China Children’s Media’s 5th Anniversary Ceremony, the experts present at the meeting had such a few words, which were impressive: 'From August 2018, mothers and babies nationwide The sales of some products in the stores have fallen precipitously'; '2019 will be the best year for the next ten years, and it will also be a more difficult year than 2018.' Mothers and babies need to be highly nervous.

To grasp the situation and experience internal strength, every mother and baby store owner needs to do better.

Re-understand the toy category

Opening a store, the core goal is to make money. Who will give you money for you to earn?


'Toys are children's favorite

Most of the time, adults visit our maternity store for children. The attraction of toys to children is mainly due to the novelty and fun of toys; the attraction of toys to adults mainly depends on whether toys can make children happy, especially the value of toys to children's growth.

Therefore, it is very important for the maternal and child store to have a professional toy purchase that understands children. Toys are updated quickly, and excellent product structure is the key to the fast circulation of toy categories. Toy marketing is also indispensable. All this reminds us that mother and baby stores need to own or become a professional toy project service provider. Purchasing, you can't just focus on comparing prices and asking for rebates.

When a customer arrives at the store, of course it is not just a transaction. To establish a long-term and stable relationship with the customer, we must do a good job in membership management.

This requires large and small unique member activities. You see, Shandong Yingbeier holds more than 3,000 member activities every year, and the results are very significant.

Toys can be one of the best props for member business activities held by maternal and child stores.

For example, for mom and dad, we can hold a 'mom play business classSex;

'Eyes are the windows of the soul

For babies aged 7-9 months, the 'I am a little crawler' activity can be held. Through toy interaction, parents and mothers can understand the importance of crawling well for children, especially those born by caesarean section;

For babies aged 1 year and 10-12 months, the 'I am a little language genius' activity can be held, so that parents and parents can understand that language intelligence is one of the most important abilities in a child's life and how to improve this intelligence Method and so on.

The toys placed on the shelves can be used to stimulate the communication and interaction between the store and the members, and between the members and the members.

At first glance, the small category of toys is very likely. In addition to just needs such as milk powder and diapers, toys also have the opportunity to solve the core problems of 'why customers come

In fact, 'locking customers' lies in 'locking heartsMaternal and child stores have long been able to 'attract customers' and 'gather customersThe average profit rate of maternal and child stores is between 25%-28%, and it is entirely possible for the average profit rate of toy categories to reach 35%-50%, which is one of the advantages of non-standard products. To increase the market for maternal and child stores, we must strive to expand the total market and better strive to increase market share.

So, is it possible to increase the proportion of toy products in the maternal and child store's sales to 6% or even higher? !

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