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Is internet celebrity toy a sub-category worth investing in?

by:Toysmax     2021-05-27

In the Internet age, traffic means a lot of things. In the context of the rapid rise of short video platforms, not only a group of Internet celebrities have been born, but also various Internet celebrity toys have entered with their powerful ability to carry goods. In the eyes of consumers.

Recently, a toy known as the 'car-breaking duck' has become a smash hit on the short video platform and has become the new favorite of car owners. Toys have great energy. In such a booming Internet celebrity economy, what kind of toys are likely to be made into explosive models? And when the toy industry is far from being saturated, are Internet celebrity toys worth it for practitioners to start with?

Internet explosions are never reasonable, and it is even more difficult to meet the tastes of the public, but in general, from the perspective of past Internet celebrity toys, practitioners want to find There are still signs to follow:

Strong interaction, novel and interesting gameplay

Frog Pacman is a part of the game that requires more than two players to participate at the same time. This toy allows everyone to put down their phones and spend more time on social interaction. The two-person interactive toys such as the Double Face Smashing Machine and Rescue Penguin not only reflect better interaction, but also attract more users with their novel gameplay. In the case of having fun as the primary purpose, the value brought by the social attributes attached to the toy itself is also attractive to consumers. Everyone's common understanding of Internet celebrity toys can easily break the social freezing point and activate the atmosphere in the shortest time.

Adorable characters dominate, and high-quality looks become the main theme

The toy focus of contemporary young people has been upgraded from a simple play tool to an unconventional , A synonym for keeping up with the trend. The face value is one of the core of this pronoun. Toys such as rabbit hats and bubble machines that we have seen have become explosive models by virtue of their external expressiveness; the little yellow duck and pig fart are built by IP The 'cute' image came out to be among the Internet celebrity toys. Both have the possibility of becoming popular in a short period of time, but in comparison, toys with IP backgrounds have more investment in the early stage, and at the same time, the revenue line will be longer.

What is worthy of attention for practitioners is that when toys are given high-value, cute and other labels, their audiences are mostly female players. In toys, a traditional industry, female consumers It has always been a neglected role. At all ages, men were once the main force in toy consumption, but the current appearance of online celebrity toys is likely to fill this part of the vacancy to a large extent.

While the fast-growing market brings benefits, it will naturally bring risks of the same magnitude. If you want to gain a share in the field of online celebrity toys, you must see through Essentially logical.

Always be prepared for 'overgassing'

The topic of online celebrity toys is inseparable from the words 'explosive models' and 'oversending'. For the same category of toys, Internet celebrity toys pay more attention to the impact and packaging of products. Without considering the in-depth content and repurchase rate, the visual experience for consumers is often strong but short-lived. Therefore, the time period for each toy to be hot-selling is actually very short, and the opportunity is fleeting. Players should try not to follow the trend and enter the game after missing the first time node, otherwise the only thing waiting for everyone is 'overdue' and slow sales. .

The 'guerrilla' play style of Internet celebrity toys determines that it is not suitable for becoming the main business line of the enterprise, but the toy category that has exploded traffic on social platforms can be used as the traffic entrance of its own brand and enterprise, thus forming a A benign closed loop.

Focus on quality issues

Except for products with IP background such as Xiaofei, most other Internet celebrity toys are not guaranteed by the brand. Without copyright blessing, they will not Few net celebrity toys are produced in 'small folk workshopsOver time, the market for Internet celebrity toys has been mixed, and consumers are prone to general stereotypes, and eventually form the mindset of 'Internet celebrity toys u003d defective products'. Of course, the resolution of common problems in the industry is a long-term process. As a practitioner, it is the right thing to review the current situation and adjust your own pace and direction.

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