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Intelligentization of children's toy industry is an inevitable trend of market development

by:Toysmax     2021-05-19

'Some intelligent toys with high technical content, strong playability, and interactive functions are very popular in the international market.' An exhibitor told reporters.

The toy exhibition hall exhibited in the second phase of the 120th Canton Fair presented the scene of the two heavens of ice and fire. The reporter found that some exhibitors who produced intelligent and interactive toys and remote-control model toys were very eye-catching, and the booths were crowded with people. On the contrary, the performance of traditional toy manufacturers is mediocre. Even if there are some products with novel designs, the popularity is not very high.

In the FEISHEN booth, an unmanned aerial vehicle named 'Odd Frog' attracted the attention of buyers. According to Jackie of Feishen Group Co., Ltd., this is the latest product developed by his company. It is not only neat and smooth in appearance design, but also not inferior in performance. It is reported that the UAV has a flying height of 1,000 meters, can fly continuously for 2.5 hours, and is priced at US$530.

'The company has always been committed to Ru0026D and production. Although this strange frog is not as good as the latest 'Yu' launched by the industry leader DJI, it is only inferior.' Jackie said,

Currently, the overseas drone market has broad prospects. The drone can already be used in various scenarios. In addition to being a toy, it also has various functions such as detection, aerial photography, and delivery. The reporter also learned that there are not a few exhibitors producing drones in this year's toy exhibition hall.

Chen Xuehuan of Guangdong Yongtong Technology Co., Ltd. told reporters that compared to traditional toy manufacturing, intelligent toys can attract foreigners' attention. The Yunban remote video vehicle independently developed and launched by its company has made a difference both at home and abroad, especially in Japan, Italy, and the United States. The monthly order volume currently exceeds 2,000 units.

'Cloud Companion is equipped with a high-definition camera, just download an APP, you can remotely control it to cruise at home. We also specially equipped with an automatic recharging base, when the device is running out of power, it will be at 3 meters It can automatically return to the base for charging within the radius.' Chen Xuehuan said.

Some people are happy and some are worried. Corresponding to intelligent toys, traditional toy exhibitors seem to be a bit lost in this exhibition. A toy exhibitor in Shantou told reporters directly that there is no need to think about any orders at this exhibition.

It is understood that the current traditional toy factories are mainly processing and manufacturing, with low technical content, low added value of products, and easy to be imitated. The products displayed on the booth are also similar and competitive. Very intense.

The above-mentioned exhibitors stated that the intelligentization of toys is an inevitable trend of market development. At present, many toy export companies are also continuously strengthening product technological innovation and research and development. Their companies are also preparing to transform and invest heavily to build their own specialties. There is technology.

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