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Intelligent toys may become a future consumer trend. How should the toy industry respond to future marketing 'price wars'

by:Toysmax     2021-05-13

According to backstage data from the Maternal and Child Research Institute and ECdataway, as of July 2019, online toy sales have reached 11.94 billion, an increase of 30.5% from 9.15 billion in the same period in 2018. With the full opening of the domestic two-child policy and the improvement of family education concepts, the demand for the toy industry in the maternal and infant market is gradually increasing, and the sales data of toys under various sub-categories are also increasing.

Whether it is a practitioner or consumer in the toy industry, quality should be the focus of everyone’s attention. In addition, price positioning has become a The key factor. So in the case of a wide variety of toys and different price positioning, what price range is most favored by consumers? Toy Frontier will combine the data from ECdataway and the backstage data of Aimojing to interpret the 'price war' in the toy industry for everyone.

Low price is still the mainstream of the market, 100 yuan toys are the favorite of consumers

According to Tmall, Jingdong, Suning, Gome, Koala, Ju Looking at the 'records' of the six major platforms in the United States, we found that toys in the range of 0-235 yuan have the largest market share. At the same time, compared with the same period in 2018, toy sales in this price range increased by 33.7% year-on-year, and as of July 2019, it had reached 8.95 billion. It can be said that low-priced toys are still consumers' favorites.

According to the data from Imomir, the price distribution of toys on Tmall+Taobao during the same period is also concentrated in the area of u200bu200b0-300 yuan. In a more detailed range, sales within 0-100 yuan , Sales are the highest. Therefore, we can judge that consumer preferences are more concentrated in the hundred yuan field. In this price range, the brand types and toy types of toys are wide and complex, and there is no clear positioning. This also confirms the current low concentration of heads in the domestic toy market.

In the bead/puzzle/matching/disassembly/beating toy segment with the highest sales in the sub-category, the average price of the top ten baby products in the top ten categories is also below 100 yuan, the highest One item only reached 81.33 yuan.

The high-end market has the fastest growth rate, and intelligence may become a future consumer trend.

In addition, the sales growth rate in the price range of 829 yuan and above highest. Building block toys and intelligent toys are the main components of high-priced toys. From the perspective of the average price of toys on online products, among the top ten brands in the market share, Lego, Coyobi, and Ao Le perform the most in the high-priced toy market. outstanding. With the improvement of family economic conditions, parents have left more and more disposable income in parenting, and these toys with additional educational content have become the best choice for parents.

Similarly, we can see that on the Tmall + Taobao platform, most of the sales are concentrated within 500 yuan, but in the range of 100 yuan or more. A small peak. It can be inferred from this that low-priced toys and high-priced toys fit different consumer groups through different consumption scenarios and consumer positioning.

Mid-end price toys are 'no one caresThe market share accounted for the lowest proportion, even negative growth in sales. The base is small and there is no obvious market potential for growth. Therefore, it is recommended that both the brand side and the channel side of the toy industry choose carefully for this type of toy.

From the overall trend, with the exception of Lego, the average selling price of other toy brands is difficult to exceed the 200 yuan mark, and the current intelligent early childhood education toys have not yet been popular in the market. Consumers are Its trustworthiness also needs time. In the context of small-scale and high-growth data, high-end toys deserve more attention, but it has not been possible to become the mainstream of the market in a short time. Therefore, 100 yuan toys are still a key factor in market consumption.

The domestic toy market has great potential for development, but how to centralize more than 80% of the market excluding brands is an unsolved problem. The control of the price market coupled with the quality requirements will definitely account for Opportunity to rejuvenate the consumer market. In the era of great marketing revolution, how to fight for the future marketing war? How to let marketing drive growth, and what is more efficient growth? The topic of 'Future Marketing Landing Growth' is ready to emerge.

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