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Injury accidents of water-absorbing bullets and soft bullet guns occur frequently, AQSIQ issued relevant consumer warnings

by:Toysmax     2021-05-16

The soft bullet gun is a kind of gun toy that boys love, and it is more common in the toy market. However, in recent years, there have been frequent accidents involving water-absorbent and soft bullet guns. The Defective Product Management Center of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine has recently issued relevant consumer warnings to remind the potential risks of such toys.

It is understood that the soft bullet gun is a kind of ejection toy. In order to protect the safety of children, the 'bullets' it fires are mostly made of plastic, foam and other materials. 'Water-absorbing bullet' soft bullet gun, its bullet is different from the traditional 'soft bulletIt is widely sold in the market. Yesterday, the reporter visited many toy stores in the city and found that this 'water-absorbent' soft bullet gun is very popular. Depending on the size and style, the price ranges from tens to hundreds of yuan. According to a store, the bullets they sell are mostly plastic 'bb bulletsBanned, 'The bullets of these soft bullet guns currently produced by manufacturers are made of foam and water-absorbing bullets. They are all soft and have no lethality.' The reporter saw that in the soft bullet gun toy packaging box on the market, except for a 'gunThere are all kinds. According to the store, compared to soft foam bombs, water-absorbing bombs are easy to use, do not need to be recycled after being shot, and will disappear due to water evaporation. The reporter saw that most soft bullet gun toys are marked with the applicable age on the outer packaging to prevent the danger of small parts being swallowed by young children. However, most businesses disagree with the age standard, and some say that the water-absorbent bomb can be digested without being dangerous after being ingested by mistake.

So, what are the potential hazards of this type of toy? According to the Defective Product Management Center of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of Safety defects such as excessive ejection kinetic energy, dangerous gaps between moving parts, and lack of warning instructions. Specifically, water-absorbent bombs are small parts, made of sodium polyacrylate cross-linked copolymer, and their expansion rate exceeds the current national toy standard requirements. If children inhale or swallow such water-absorbent bombs by mistake, the product will expand after entering the respiratory tract. It may block the respiratory tract and cause suffocation; after entering the digestive tract, absorbing water and swelling will cause intestinal obstruction, dilatation of the intestinal tube, secondary infection, water and electrolyte disturbances, etc., and even intestinal perforation, intestinal necrosis, and life-threatening at any time.

In addition, the ejection kinetic energy of some soft bullet guns exceeds the limit specified by the standard. If the ejection kinetic energy is too large, the water-absorbent projectile may cause impact damage after hitting the human body. If it hits the eyes and other parts , May cause serious injuries such as eyeball contusion; some soft bullet guns have a dangerous gap of 5-12mm between the bullet compartment and the gun body. If children put their fingers in, it may cause pinch injuries; some products are not marked 'May produce It is dangerous for suffocation, not suitable for children 3 years old and below, and other warnings, or it may cause young children to eat by mistake and cause accidental injury.

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