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In the second child environment, what energy does the toy industry have

by:Toysmax     2021-05-16

With the support of the 'full liberalization of the second child' policy, China's maternity and infant industry has accelerated its development and has huge market potential. As an indispensable toy in the growth of infants and young children, what role does it play?

With the help of the 'two-child full liberalization' policy, China's maternity and infant industry has accelerated its development and has huge market potential.

The '2015 CBME China Pregnancy, Infant and Child Consumer Market Survey Report' survey shows that 52% of mothers have or are considering having a second child in the next 1-2 years.

At the same time, consumers’ demand for toys in the pregnant and infant market continues to grow. The report points out that toy consumption is only ranked second after milk powder in the consumption of 2-3 year old baby families. It has surpassed related categories such as children's clothing, washing and nursing, and lathes.

As the main channel of the maternal and infant industry, maternal and child stores and maternal and child department stores realize that toys will be an important category that will support future profit growth, and toy brands have also found that maternal and child channels are becoming toy sales The main channels, the two attach great importance to each other's cooperation, showing a new trend of integration and development.

Chen Yue, chairman and general manager of Sichuan Zhongyi Maternity and Infant Products Trading Co., Ltd. once pointed out: 'In the past, more than 90% of maternity and infant stores in China started from food or milk powder. The sales volume is large but the profit is very low, so it is necessary to adjust the category structure and pay more attention to toys with greater profit margins.'

The profit of products such as milk powder and diapers sold in the mother and baby channel is roughly 10% to 5%, The profit of toys is several times that, which brings margin protection to the stores of this channel.

Toys are typical non-standard products and are important categories to achieve store differentiation. At the same time, toy categories are the best carriers for interactive behavior, which can provide customers with more interactive activities and services.

In the future, stores will focus on creating differentiation through toys and reflect interaction on the terminal.

It can be seen that the toy category has become a key development category for maternal and child channels to enhance consumer experience, product differentiation, and increase profit margins.

The report shows: 34% of consumers choose to buy toys in maternal and child stores/maternal and child stores, surpassing supermarkets, hypermarkets and department stores.

Despite the rapid growth of e-commerce toy consumption, the supervision and quality issues of e-commerce and overseas shopping channels have yet to be resolved. The latest report issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine shows that cross-border e-commerce including toys The unqualified rate of commercial imported children's products is as high as 33%.

'Product quality

People in the toy industry have pointed out: 'Toy companies that cooperate with maternal and child retailers need to pay more attention to product innovation, create unique core products with strong vitality, and improve brand value.

The maternal and infant channels represented by maternal and infant stores, maternity and infant life centers, and one-stop hypermarkets have become an independent and rapidly expanding sales channel.'

Local educational toys The brand, with rapid product innovation, combined with the approach of focusing on maternal and infant channels, has driven the growth of upstream traditional wholesale channels.

The baby products business launched by remote control toy companies increased by 49.09% year-on-year in the first half of 2015, and established that baby and children business has become one of the company’s strategic business units for future expansion. Expand terminal store channels and maternal and child channels.

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