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Imitation guns are not toy guns, parents should be cautious when buying

by:Toysmax     2021-06-17

Nowadays, children's toys can be described as diverse, among which toy guns are the more popular toys at the moment. However, some so-called toy guns have reached the standard of simulation guns. They have certain lethality and are very dangerous for children to play. Therefore, parents should be very cautious when buying.

The Lucheng police seized 350 fake guns in Feixia Bridge, some of which were powerful enough to cause injuries.

Yesterday, two toy shop owners in Wenzhou City were detained by the police for illegally selling fake guns. The day before yesterday afternoon, Lucheng police seized 350 fake guns at Feixia Bridge in the urban area, some of which were powerful enough to cause injuries.

During the investigation of the surrounding campus, the Lucheng police received reports from the masses that there was a toy store selling fake guns in Feixiaqiao in the city. The day before yesterday afternoon, Zhang Wenzong, the grid police chief of the Xiechi Community of Zhongshan Police Station, inspected the toy shops in Feixiaqiao and found more than 400 suspected fake guns in the two toy shops. After identification, 350 of them are simulated guns.

The constitutional elements of guns stipulated in the 'Firearms Management Law of the People's Republic of ChinaCentimeters (not including this number) are simulated grabs.

The reporter saw that these simulated guns are mainly spring-brake and well-made. Field tests have shown that the simulated gun can easily penetrate cardboard boxes after being fired with plastic bullets. 'If the bullet is replaced with a steel ball, it can penetrate the glass and cause greater harm to the human body.' Zhang Wenzong said that if the simulated gun is modified by criminals and used for crime, the social harm will be greater.

According to the two shopkeepers, the guns were purchased online or delivered to the door by outsiders. They claimed that they did not know that these toys had reached the standard of imitation guns. The police reminded that simulation guns are not just model toys, they are often lethal, and citizens may violate the law if they use them improperly. The Lucheng police will investigate such gun-related cases in the next step, and citizens are welcome to actively provide clues.

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