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If you don’t watch TV or play on your mobile phone, your baby needs to grow up and always learn something

by:Toysmax     2021-06-18

The baby has to learn something if he wants to grow up, but what should he learn? Does learning numbers ossify children's thinking? Learning poetry, but many people find it so difficult, how can babies learn well! Some poems are really difficult to understand. However, many poems, even if you don't understand the specific meaning, you still think they are beautiful.

'Mom, how can you be so beautiful!'

'Look at Qingrencheng, then Qingrencheng.'

Which do you think the baby uses Would it be better to praise you? Although I don't admit it, I still think the latter comparison makes me more happy.

Poetry is the most important rhyme, and it is also the best way for babies to learn language. This is a process of accumulation. Babies watch advertisements all day long. As long as the melody sounds, they can say every word of the advertisement. Maybe even the tone can be imitated vividly, which is what you want. Language learning starts from imitation. Instead of spending time learning these boring things, it is better to give him some time to learn some beautiful things. Poetry is a good choice.

The beauty of poetry requires us to learn from an early age.

It’s better for children to recite poems like 'Goose Goose, Qu Xiang Xiang Tiange' in front of you every day than sitting there and saying 'Proud of XX, shame of XX'. Sometimes, it's better for a baby not to understand than to think rigidly. Perhaps many years later, when he sees this girl he likes, it is better to compliment 'the mouth is full of pill, and the eyebrows are not drawn' than 'girl, you are so beautiful'.

The charm of poetry is a thousand times better than pale words.

When I was young, my voice will always stay in my heart. Maybe after growing up, the baby has forgotten part of the poem, but the imprint left in his heart will not pass away, and the impact on the spirit is also incalculable. When I was young, it was better to read poems and listen to dramas than 'love is not what you can buy if you want.' Maybe it is difficult for a child to understand the meaning of a poem now. On a certain day of a year, when he sees a certain scene, he will understand that sentence and the poem in his heart. Poetry takes time.

The beauty of poetry can always be understood after growing up.

'The belts are getting wider and I finally do not regret it, which makes people haggard for Iraq.' All the mothers are looking forward to the growth of their babies. I don't know what kind of 'beauty' all the mothers have prepared for their children, waiting for him to appreciate it?

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