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How to use the baby swimming ring

by:Toysmax     2021-06-10

It is another beautiful summer year, with charming fragrance, green leaves, and happy babies. But under this beauty, there is also an unpleasant high temperature. Fortunately, happy babies can swim with their mothers in the swimming pool. Mothers have already prepared baby swimming rings carefully to help them swim happily and safely.

So how should the baby swim ring be used when the baby is swimming? Look at the professional guidance of the Bron family, let you and your baby spend a pleasant summer.

1. What is a baby swimming ring

Baby swimming ring is a kind of swimming ring specially designed for babies. In terms of specifications, just like clothes size (S-3-4 kg, M-4-6 kg, L-6-8 kg, XL-8 kg and above), mothers can choose according to the baby's weight; from the category, the general baby The swimming ring is made of two materials. One is plastic. Although it is easy to process and cheap, it is often a single airbag, which is not soft enough and has poor safety performance; the other is PVC material with good gloss. It feels warm and particularly comfortable. The most important PVC material baby swimming ring basically adopts double-airbag or four-airbag protection design, which can better protect the baby who swims.

Second, how to use baby swimming ring

Currently, there is a shape classification for baby swimming ring, one is circular design, the peripheral balance is good, and there is It is conducive to the baby's free swimming and fitness; one is the star-shaped design, which is very beautiful in appearance, but due to the reduced amount of inflation and lower buoyancy, the baby's swimming resistance increases, which is not conducive to the baby's free swimming.

If you take your baby to a swimming pool, it is best to choose a round baby swimming ring. First of all, it is best to inflate the amount of 90%. Less buoyancy is not enough, and more is easy to burst. After inflation, the hand feels comfortable and moderate; secondly, the valve cap must be tightly packed, otherwise it is easy to be discouraged, and the baby will have safety risks. The air nozzle cap must be stuffed into the swimming ring to prevent the baby from scratching; finally, when putting the collar on the young baby, tease the baby to raise his head first to prevent the baby's chin from being stuck and causing the phenomenon of not being buckled.

Safety tips:

1. After the first swim, newborns must quickly dry their bodies and keep warm.

2. The baby must be looked after by someone during the whole process of swimming.

3. Before swimming, you must check the swimming ring (such as insurance buttons, leaks)

4. Newborns one month after birth must wear waterproof umbilical protection stickers.

How to use the baby swimming ring, may as well take a look at the professional guidance of the Bloom family, so that all babies can enjoy all the joys of water in this beautiful summer.

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