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How to play with children's wooden horse toys more interesting

by:Toysmax     2021-06-15

The little wooden horse shook, shook it to grandma's house, shook it out of the moon. A small wooden horse toy can bring too much fun to children, and it also makes many young parents feel nostalgic. But the question is, how can children's Trojan horse toys be more interesting? The Lian Xiaozhu brand tells you playfully, it's fun to play like this!

1. Shake gently and hum a song

Children sit in the small wooden horse. Shaking gently can relieve the mood, shaking too fast will make the child Falling down; at the same time, it can also allow children to shake and hum while singing, which not only cultivates sentiment, but is also more interesting.

2. Make a little trojan horse game

Mom and dad can play a little trojan horse game with their children to see who reacts faster, and at the same time increase the interaction between each other The family affection will also increase the child's agile responsiveness.

3. Interact with the small wooden horse

Let the child sit in the small wooden horse, the parents shake it in the back, and then conduct an intellectual question and answer, make full use of the small wooden horse toy to interact with the child, Increase children's fun and inspire children's intelligence.

Lianxiaozhu brand wooden horse toys are made of pure natural environmentally friendly wood and carefully polished with traditional craftsmanship, so that children can play safe and fun.

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