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How to play baby sound toys

by:Toysmax     2021-06-08

Sound toys are made by different music to promote the baby's ability to distinguish sounds.

So how do you play with baby sound toys?

1. Percussion notes

Sound toys are generally combined products. Mothers can tap the notes in different ways, allowing the baby to listen and distinguish carefully, or hold the baby’s hand and come together Beat the notes to enhance the touch of your baby's music.

2. Shaking game

There is a sound toy similar to wind chimes on the market, as long as the baby shakes gently, it can make a pleasant sound; mothers can also try to tease the baby to shake the hand Wind chimes keep them happy.

This wind chime toy is a newly listed sound-producing toy owned by Lexin. Mom can check it out!

What are the benefits of sound toys?

1. Promote the baby’s ability to distinguish sounds through the sounds of different music

2. Promote the baby’s perception of colors through various colors

3. Through the number or addition, the baby can gradually accumulate the numbers

4. Through different music sounds, cultivate the baby’s recognition of the direction up, down, left and right

5, Through toys of different shapes, the baby’s brain's imagination of space is promoted

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