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How to keep children at home when the weather is too cold, handmade DIY toys may help you

by:Toysmax     2021-06-11

The weather has been very cold recently. As children who have already had winter vacation, even though it is cold outside, they still cannot restrain their desire to play outside. How can parents keep their children at home? It seems that this is a big problem. In fact, at home, we can work with children to draw cute handmade DIY toys.

In the card fun toy series, we will find many: environmentally friendly vinyl toys, baby bathing series, DIY hand-painted products, simulated animal models, baby educational toys, etc. . Today we are talking about DIY hand-painted products. Some parents worry that the materials of these hand-painted products will affect their children, but they can rest assured. Every material is harmless to ensure the health of the child.

DIY soft glue graffiti: The graffiti animal shape is made of soft glue, and the shape is realistic. Children often paint different shapes and cultivate their color Identify.

Watercolor paint: you can modulate it according to your preferences, and you can also try mixing colors. Tong Yan's different sensory world is also great. Our watercolor paints are non-toxic and harmless and can be used with confidence.

Material: The material of the graffiti is made of PVC resin, which is healthy and environmentally friendly. Parents can relax.

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