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How to disinfect the baby throwing toys

by:Toysmax     2021-06-08

Nowadays, babies in many families have many different styles and functions of toys, but these toys are like to be placed directly on the ground or littered after the babies have played. This way the toys may be contaminated by various germs and viruses. Instead, it becomes a hidden danger that threatens the baby's health. Sometimes the baby will inevitably chew, touch, or hug, all of which may cause germs and viruses to invade the baby's body. So how to disinfect baby toys after littering? The Mulalla brand tells you that baby toys must be cleaned frequently, and at the same time, they must be taught not to chew toys. Toys must be cleaned up in time to ensure the healthy growth of the baby's body.

Plush toys

The fabric of plush toys is soft and delicate, and at the same time it is easy to be contaminated with bacteria and viruses. Therefore, the seams on the toys should be cleaned. Unwrap the thread a bit, take out the filling, put it in the sun, wait until the toy is dried, and then put the filling in. Although this is a little troublesome, it will help prevent the filling from becoming moldy and threaten the baby's body. Healthy and safe.

Plastic toys

Plastic toys themselves contain some chemical substances, most of which are environmentally friendly and healthy, but if they are infected by bacteria, they may play a role in qualitative change. Therefore, it is better to wash with water, to directly rinse off the bacteria, but please also remember that this method is suitable for plastic toys without circuits.

Mechanical toys

General mechanical toys are not suitable for washing, because they are easy to rust or affect the operation, so just scrub with soap and dry them in the sun.

Wooden toys

Wooden toys have a smooth surface, but they are difficult to clean after being infected with bacteria and viruses. Therefore, they need to be scrubbed with 3% Su solution or 5% bleach before using Rinse with clean water and dry in the sun.

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