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How to classify toys What are the benefits of wooden toys

by:Toysmax     2021-06-01

As young parents have more and more individual needs for children’s toys, traditional and single-type toys have become more and more detailed under today’s individual needs, in addition to entertainment, education, safety, etc. In addition to the three basic characteristics, there are many varieties. When faced with different types of toys, how should parents classify them? Let's take a look together!

1. Classification by children’s age

Generally speaking, children’s toys are designed and manufactured for children of specific age groups, and their characteristics are similar to those of children’s Age is related to the stage of intelligence. Therefore, most children's toys are classified according to the age of the child. For example, 0-3 years old is suitable for playing musical toys, 3-7 years old is suitable for playing building block puzzle toys, 7-10 years old is suitable for playing game toys, and 10-14 years old is suitable Play with large toys.

2. Classification by child type

Children’s toys have ten different types of toys according to different functions, namely puzzle toys, game toys, digital abacus text, and tools , Puzzle combinations, building blocks, traffic toys, drag toys, jigsaw toys, cartoon dolls, etc.

3. Classification according to children's functions

According to functions and functions, there are sports toys, intellectual toys, science and education toys, military toys, and decorative toys.

Wooden toys belong to the classification of children's toy materials, and they are also a type of toy that is quite popular among consumers in the market. So what are the benefits of wooden toys? Why is it so popular with people? The Mulala brand will help you analyze it from a professional perspective.

1. Most of its raw materials come from natural sources. Compared with other toys, it has less chemical substances. It is green and environmentally friendly. It smells carefully and contains a light wood fragrance.

2. Because of the diversity of wood, it can be made into different types of toys, which is more conducive to children's play.

3. Wooden toys benefit from the natural raw materials and are easy to clean and maintain. Toys benefit from the natural raw materials. They are easy to clean and maintain. Another major feature is that they are less harmful and especially suitable for children. play.

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