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How to choose toys for children What principles should be followed when choosing toys

by:Toysmax     2021-06-10

Q: Buying toys for children is actually something that parents should consider carefully. Parents must not be attracted by the gorgeous toys or obey the arrangements of their children as soon as they step into the mall, and purchase a bunch of unused toys to go home. How to choose toys for children? What principles should be followed when choosing toys?

1. Choose toys by age. The most important thing in choosing a toy is to be suitable for the age of the child, and to choose the appropriate toy according to the degree of physical development. Otherwise, even if you buy expensive toys, it is not applicable! The toys used by children of different months are quite different. Mothers who insist on teaching students in accordance with their aptitude must study carefully and choose toys according to their children’s monthly development and characteristics, so that children of different months of age can play wherever they grow up. .

2. Choose toys according to your preferences. Since it is a child's toy, besides considering many factors of low price and good quality and promoting intelligent development, the most important thing is to let the child like it. If you don’t like things that your children don’t play, no matter how cheap they are, it is a waste. Of course, mothers can guide their children in choosing toys, but they must not overwhelm the subject and use the subjective thoughts of adults to guess the children's heart.

3. Choose toys by material. It is best to choose toys that are natural, durable, feel good, easy to clean, and can withstand repeated play, but most importantly, it depends on the quality. Generally speaking, wooden toys are better than metal toys. In addition to being lighter in weight and easy to grasp, they can also cultivate children's natural and environmentally friendly concepts; plush toys are suitable for children who are not allergic; plastic and rubber toys should be soft Moderately hard, not fragile.

4. Choose toys with multiple functions. It is best to choose toys that have multiple functions and can inspire children's intelligent development, such as toys that have both sensory and auditory stimulation, but also inspire creativity and intelligence: toys with music at the touch of a button, building blocks that can be freely combined, etc. It is a toy with multiple play methods, multiple sensory stimulation, adjustable volume, and not easy to get tired after playing for a long time.

5. Consider the safety of toys. Regardless of its gorgeous appearance, the first thing to consider when buying a toy is safety. For example: Is there a safety mark? Is the part firm and does not fall off? Is it one piece, without sharp corners or small parts? Do you use non-toxic paint, chemical-free, and paint-free? In addition, it should be noted that the quality of the toy should be light so that it will not hurt the child; the size should not be too small to prevent the child from eating by mistake.

6. Pay attention to the beauty of toys. The concept of beauty must be cultivated from an early age. When buying toys, you should choose products that are natural in shape, interesting, and environmentally friendly, which can stimulate the child's visual development and let the child know beauty naturally. At the same time, the needs of the child's psychological characteristics for the appearance of the toy should also be taken into consideration.

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