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How to choose newborn toys

by:Toysmax     2021-06-04

The brain development of newborns is immature and can only passively receive external information. This process will continue for several years. Therefore, in order to promote the baby's brain development, toys can be used to stimulate the baby's rapid development and growth. So how to choose newborn toys? What kind of toy to choose that can stimulate the rapid development of the newborn's brain? Parents should keep in mind the following four key points.

1. Bright colors

Young children like brightly colored toys, and newborns are no exception. For babies 4 months ago, their vision has not yet developed, and their preference is mostly red. Therefore, you can choose red, white, black and other plush toys to attract the attention of newborns and stimulate their visual development.

2. Contrasting

Contrasting toys can make newborns see different things, thereby forming a visual difference, which can stimulate their brain development. In their first month in this world, there are contrast toys that can promote their brain development.

3. Textured toys

Textured toys can be touched by newborns, which can well stimulate their tactile development. Because the toy has textures, it is easy for newborns to touch and feel different shapes; secondly, newborns can feel the touch to exercise.

4. There is sound

The hearing of newborns is not yet fully developed, and external forces are needed to stimulate their hearing and promote their rapid development of hearing. Therefore, you can choose toys with sound, such as bed bells, rattles, etc., which will help stimulate their auditory development.

Safety Tips for Card Fun

1. Babies love to chew toys. Parents should take care of them carefully and don’t give them toys.

2. The selection of toys should meet the needs of the baby's age.

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