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How to choose children's toys?

by:Toysmax     2021-06-05

For babies, toys are one of the most indispensable companion items in the growth process. In the process of playing games, toys can bring a lot of happy time to the baby, and also help the development of intelligence, so parents are also happy to buy a variety of toys for the baby.

But did you know that it’s not always better to prepare more toys for your baby. Because too many choices will make the baby's attention distracted, playing this one, playing that one, lacks understanding and research, which is not conducive to the development of the baby's brain.

So, how many toys should be prepared for the baby? The editor summarized that the following four types of toys are enough for the baby to play repeatedly, and the fun is endless.

1. Ball toys

During infancy, the baby’s eyes will keep chasing the rolling ball. If it is bigger, adults will always play with them and roll the ball back and forth. The game, crawling to hold the ball. After knowing how to walk, I start to learn to throw, kick, bounce, chase the ball... A simple small ball can bring a lot of fun to the baby, and it can also cultivate the baby's athletic ability.

2, assembling toys

How can there be such a classic one in the baby's toys? Various assembling components, wood, Lego, magnetic, and snowflakes, this is the way for babies to create their dream world. They are always happy to use their imagination and creativity to design and build. The gameplay changes in various ways. In this process, they not only exercise the baby's hands-on ability, but also greatly benefit their intellectual development.

3. Graffiti tool

Baby is keen on painting and drawing when he is about 1 year old. Prepare a drawing board for the baby to let them be quiet Start your own paintings, or Bao Ma can create with her children.

4. Plush doll toys

Infants and young children have a very strong need for comfortable touch, so this type of toy is more like emotional sustenance, even if the baby grows up, Still have no resistance to plush dolls. Because most of these toys are cute in shape, soft and comfortable to the touch, they can give babies a sense of security. The baby treats it like his little playmate or little Mengbao, playing games together, playing house, dressing it up, holding it to sleep and so on.

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