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How to choose children's toys, safety and intelligence are more important

by:Toysmax     2021-06-14

The market for children's toys is becoming increasingly popular, and new children's toys are emerging in endlessly. Many parents just see the fun of toys and don't hesitate to buy them for their children. But children's toys are not just fun, their safety and educational functions are more important. So how should children's toys be chosen?

1. How to choose safe educational toys?

Because of their young age, children are very casual when playing with toys. If the toys are sharp or angular, it is easy to harm the baby. Therefore, when buying educational toys, choose safe ones, smooth ones, and no particularly sharp edges and corners.

2. How to test non-toxic educational toys?

When children play with toys, they will inevitably touch their faces or bite their teeth. Therefore, when buying educational toys, choose those with non-toxic signs, preferably national official environmental protection signs, such toys It will not do much harm to children's health.

3. In the eyes of children, which toy is more interesting?

Although educational toys can exercise your baby’s intelligence, they should also be full of fun. Otherwise, children don’t like to play and they will be useless if they buy them. For example, building block toys should carry cute animation patterns, such as beaming, bears, etc., so that children will like to play with educational toys.

4. How to choose educational toys according to the age of the baby?

Children have different ages and different intellectual development, so you should buy educational toys that adapt to their age development. Children aged 4-9 are the best period for intellectual growth and development. You can buy educational toys that parents and children can interact with. For example, toys such as Lego's building blocks, Ubi's magnetic sheet, glass checkers, chess, and monopoly, exercise children's logical thinking ability and practical ability.

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