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How to choose children's educational toys as the Spring Festival is approaching

by:Toysmax     2021-06-04

The Spring Festival is approaching, and it's a time for children to be happy. In the new year and new weather, parents always have to send a gift to their children. Faced with the dazzling array of children's educational toys on the market, there are usually barriers to choice. So how to choose children's educational toys? Let's take a look with Little Bear Neo.

Three suggestions for choosing children’s educational toys

1. Safety

Too many parts and small corners Do not buy toys that are sharp, sharp, faded, odorous, sound and light polluted seriously, no matter how cheap they are.

2. Don’t buy too luxurious and expensive toys. They tend to cherish more than exploration, which will limit the child’s desire and interest in exploration, and the toy loses its meaning. .

3. Buy less electric toys

Electric toys are easy to operate and can make sound movement by moving the switch, which is not easy for children's intellectual development. Moreover, the sound and lighting settings of electric toys are often too loud and dazzling, which is extremely detrimental to the child's visual and auditory development. Because electric toys are easy to operate and easy for children to master, it is difficult to attract children to study and play for a long time, which limits the children's imagination and curiosity to a certain extent.

In addition, hands-on toys, such as building blocks, puzzles, etc., are all good toys that can promote the intellectual development of children. They are also the most popular educational toys for parents and children on the market. You may wish to give them to your children. Buy one.

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