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How to choose baby toys?

by:Toysmax     2021-05-16

  With the advancement of society and the popularization of scientific parenting knowledge, more and more young parents are aware of the importance of parenting. Every parent hopes to give their babies the best things, and they are willing to do their best to provide the best nutrition for their babies, and to choose a variety of infant intelligence development toys for their babies. Everyone hopes that their babies are healthy and healthy. clever.   So what kind of toy do you want to choose for your baby? After communicating with the mothers, Mead Johnson educational toy experts combined their own experience and summed up the following points:    Some precautions for choosing toys for the baby. The shape of the toy, regardless of the toy, must first consider its shape and structure, whether it has edges or corners, and whether it will hurt When it comes to your baby, you should choose something that is smooth and easy for your baby to touch. Some of the larger joints of the toy are best to be curved, so as to prevent your baby from hurting yourself when you are not careful! The material of the toy should choose some good quality children's intellectual toys. If it is a plastic toy, it is best to choose a thicker clinker, so that it is not easy to be broken by the baby. If it is a wooden toy, the paint on the outside picture or something, thousands of Don't have a peculiar smell, because whether it is smelling the smell or putting it in the mouth, it will cause harm to the baby! Also, try to choose lightweight materials for your baby, so that the baby is easy to pick up and won't hit your feet when you fall!  The color of toys  Baby usually likes colorful things. When choosing toys for babies, we try to choose some brighter colors. This can satisfy the baby's desire for viewing, stimulate vision and exercise vision!

  The type of toys  It is best to choose some educational toys for the baby. The educational toys, as the name implies, develop the baby’s intelligence during play. Different educational toys are effective tools to assist children in understanding the world.  According to a study by the Royal Academy of Sciences, people who often play with educational toys have an average IQ about 11 points higher than those who do not, and their brains have higher open thinking ability. In summary, it is very important to choose suitable toys for your baby! Let the baby learn knowledge, develop intelligence and grow up healthily while playing!   Finally, Mead Johnson also has a warm reminder: Moms need to accompany their babies to play games and guide them. Mom’s guidance can greatly improve the efficiency of intellectual games. Maternal love is an irreplaceable mental nutrition in the growth of a baby, and warm emotions are an important factor in promoting the healthy development of the child's brain. At the same time, the baby's language ability, emotional release, and hands-on ability will be improved to a certain extent. The participation and love of mothers cannot be replaced. Only extraordinary mothers can nurture extraordinary babies.

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