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How to choose baby toys

by:Toysmax     2021-06-10

What kind of toys are suitable for babies? Many parents have carefully considered this issue before buying. The editor has collected some information here, hoping to provide some help to parents who are worried about this.

1. Safety

Good toys must be safe. Whenever the safety of toys should be the first issue to consider, because our little ones explore the world in a different way from adults. In addition to playing, seeing and listening, he will also smell it, even most often Put the toy in your mouth, bite, beat it hard, and require our toys to not have safety hazards. If it is a toy with paint that is easy to dissolve, it is not suitable for children if there are burrs on the corners of the toy. For one-year-old babies, we require this toy to be placed on the dinner plate, and it is safe to bite it when it is picked up.

2. For a long time

Too many toys are not necessarily a good thing. It may be the best for children to invent different ways of playing with fewer toys. If the toy is long-lasting, there must be many ways to play and a lot of room for creativity. Too many toys are not conducive to the cultivation of a good habit of saving children or cherishing all items.

3. Interests

Interest is the best teacher for the baby, no matter how meaningful or clever the design of this toy is, if the baby doesn’t like this toy, it’s better Toys are just a display, so interest is very important. Speaking of children’s interests, not only in the shape of the toy, but also exaggerated, cartoonish, and humorous in terms of shape and color, so that the color of the toy should also be colorful and full of visual changes, so that it can be subtly guided in the process of playing. The baby recognizes different colors and shades. Of course, although the color must be bright, it must have a certain degree of softness. Otherwise, the particularly bright color for a long time will stimulate the baby, especially the baby of a few months, and may cause their visual fatigue.

4. Puzzle

Because in the process of playing, we have to exercise some of the baby’s skills and skills, and exercise the baby’s intelligence. Puzzle is embodied in three aspects.

In addition, because babies love to put toys in their mouths and their resistance is low, do not buy toys that are not easy to sterilize or have fluffy toys. 

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