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How to choose baby toys

by:Toysmax     2021-06-08

Summary: Children over three years old already have some self-protection abilities, so the choice of toys is relatively large, but for children under three years old, when choosing toys, parents should pay special attention to issues such as material and size.

Precautions for toy selection

1. Plush toys: If your child is sensitive, please choose plush toys carefully to prevent the fine fluff from making your child allergic.

2. Toys with threads, ropes, laces, nets, chains and other components may be entangled in the baby's hands and feet.

3. Small parts: loose parts on toys, loose eyes and noses on plush toys, buttons dropped from toys, wheels on cars, etc. These small parts may be The child accidentally swallowed, causing suffocation.

So how to choose suitable toys for children

0-6 months: piano fitness frame

Children under 6 months have weaker mobility, piano The fitness rack is a very good toy for them, and the small toys hanging on the rack can exercise their eyesight and prevent head deviation. Touching the music, verses, and English played by the piano can exercise their ears in advance and lay a good foundation for their language skills in the future.

7-23 months: medical-grade silicone toys

What do the teething children see and gnaw, so toys must not choose plush or body shape Petite, in case of accidental ingestion. You can buy some medical-grade silicone toys for your children. For example, silicone bears that can sing, silicone dolls that can sleep with them. Wooden toys are also a very good choice, but we must pay attention: solid wood toys are best, in case the chemical synthetic rubber inside will endanger the baby's health.

24-36 months: diversified toys

Children aged 2-3 can play with more toys. If the children sleep in separate beds with adults, parents can prepare A short-haired plush toy accompanies them to sleep. Toys such as small wooden horses and rocking carts can also be put on the agenda. On weekends, parents can also accompany their children to play puzzles, draw pictures, and play children’s small musical instruments to exercise their children’s versatility.

In a word, when choosing a toy, we must observe the characteristics of the child's age. Fun is second, and safety is the most important. Of course, no amount of fun toys can compare to the company of mom and dad, so as long as they have time, parents will bring their babies and explore the wonders of this world together!

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