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How to choose a toy stroller

by:Toysmax     2021-05-31

Toy strollers are a kind of children’s favorite toy. Toy strollers are not only children’s toys, but can also exercise the baby’s coordination ability. Therefore, many parents like to buy toy strollers for their children. However, there are many toy strollers on the market. How to choose a toy stroller? Let’s take a look at the method!

1. Check the key components of the stroller, such as folding armrests and transmission Functional parts such as belts, because if something goes wrong with this part, it will affect the baby's personal safety, so pay special attention.

Second, for strollers with handles or folding parts, check whether they have sufficient locking devices and quality, because some stroller armrests fail to pinch the baby's hand accidents happen from time to time.

3. As early as 2007, the country implemented compulsory product certification for six categories of baby carriages, electric toys, ejection toys, doll toys, plastic toys, and metal toys, whose quality level directly affects children's health and safety. (CCC), so when choosing a stroller, it depends on whether the product is affixed with the CCC mark.

Four, look at the packaging. Genuine creative toy strollers are well-packaged. The packaging should be impeccable whether it is sealed or printed. If the pattern text on the packaging is blurred, it is not a genuine product in all likelihood. Most of the pirated creative toy strollers are not exactly the same in packaging as the original ones. Pay attention to the packaging patterns provided on the official website or publicity.

Fifth, if it is online shopping, the pictures provided by everyone are similar, then look at the price. The price of the original version and the original version will not be too cheap. There has been a saying since ancient times that you get what you pay for. The above is the introduction of the method of choosing a toy stroller. There are many benefits for babies to play with a stroller, but it is not necessary to buy it. Families with conditions can buy it.

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