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How to choose a baby's toy

by:Toysmax     2021-06-07

Baby who is good at observing

Baby with strong observing ability loves 'living things'. Compared with toys, they prefer living things.

Associate Professor Huang Renzhi: This kind of children love gardens, zoos and botanical gardens, even if they happen to meet other people's pets in the community, they can make him talk about it for several days. It can be said that these kind of babies don't need toys. Their toys are kittens, puppies, bugs, small fishes, small flowers, grasses...their favorite games are feeding small animals and watering bonsai. Instead of buying him toys, let him raise some small pets or plant some flowers and plants, which will definitely make the baby like it even more.

Baby with high observation ability is a doer and always likes to verify it by himself. They often don't listen to the guidance of parents and only believe in their own experimental results.

Expert advice: Don't let your baby touch animals and plants because of dirt. Parents should also give the baby the correct guidance, so as not to feed too much and too frequently to kill the small animals, or to water too much and the roots of the plants will rot and wilt.

Baby with strong language ability

Baby with strong language ability likes to listen to and tell stories; like to read and discuss. I also like word games, tongue twisters, anagrams and reciting poems, and I have a strong understanding of words.

Associate Professor Huang Renzhi: Babies with strong language skills can treat any toys as friends, talk to them, and imagine them as things that adults cannot associate with. Therefore, there are many toys suitable for them. For babies with strong language intelligence, toys are mostly just props for them to develop rich imagination. Therefore, their most passionate games are role-playing, such as playing house, such as war, such as buying. Things, as long as they see things in their daily lives and in cartoons, can be used for their own games. In such games, babies play different social roles and interpret them into their own minds. image of.

Expert suggestion: For the games that babies with strong language skills are keen on, parents should fully participate in them, accompany the baby to play a certain role in the game, and ask questions at the right time to guide the baby step by step. The development of the 'story' deepened. In this way, the baby's language ability can be better combined with the logical thinking ability, and finally many imaginative and childlike short stories can be made.

Baby with strong mathematical logic

This type of baby likes to walk the maze very much. They can quickly find the most convenient passage through intuition among a bunch of messy lines. And it doesn't get bored at all. So buying some books of this type is also a good choice.

Associate Professor Huang Renzhi: Based on the nature of such babies, most of the games they like only need to provide a classification standard or ask a question, and then they can think and complete silently by themselves. Excessive participation and company of parents, except for chess. And playing chess with this kind of baby is also a test of parents’ intelligence, because they not only need an opponent, but also a teacher, so they often question every move their parents play, and they have to hear the reason. Just give up.

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