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How parents buy toys is safe

by:Toysmax     2021-06-02

One: Change your thinking mode

Parents rely too much on the country’s toy safety production standards, and forget to keep their vigilance. You only see the brand name or price tag, you can never understand the true appearance of a toy, you need to evaluate the safety of yourself and evaluate whether it can be purchased. Experts suggest that the first step is to pay attention to small parts, such as plastic rings or small plastic beads that are easily swallowed by babies, or the fluffy Teddy bear's bright plastic eyes. Please keep in mind that a stretch toy longer than 25 cm may restrain the child; and the ropes of kites and other flying toys should be made of non-metallic materials when the length is greater than 3 meters.

my country’s children’s toy safety standards stipulate that when the length of the drawstring used by drag toys is greater than 30 cm, there must be no slip knots or fasteners that easily form slip knots. For such toys for children under 3 years old, ropes thinner than 1.5 mm cannot be used. When you choose, if you think toys are dangerous, you must trust your instincts.

Two: Don’t be fooled by the 'import' label

Parents are generally worried about the problems with domestic non-branded toys, but they ignore the Products with exquisite imported labels may also be assembled in the importing country, but they have parts from all over the world. Don't forget that some imported toys have been repeatedly recalled in recent years. Experts point out that if the toy contains dangerous magnets, the most troublesome problem lies in its own design defects, rather than the production method. According to statistics, in the past 20 years, 60% to 70% of the recalled toys were due to design errors, while manufacturing problems (such as lead in paint) accounted for only 10%. Toys need to be 'big-name

3: Check the hazard of choking or scratching

Look for toy instructions on the packaging, and check whether the product contains some dangerous parts for children under 3 years old. If the packaging can be opened, you'd better check it yourself. Although some toys can pass the manufacturer's safety tests, they may still pose a threat. If the product has small detachable parts that can be swallowed by the child's throat without being squashed, then this product must never be bought by the child. Of course, children may also chew the contents of their mouths and swallow them. When buying toys, think about avoiding buying such toys. In addition, some toys have sharp edges or rough textures, and the tender skin of a child can never withstand such friction. Therefore, when you see wooden or metal toys, touch them carefully before making a decision. When you buy something for your child, you must not only put the exquisite appearance first.

Four: Pay more attention to online shopping

The laws related to online shopping are not yet complete. Online sellers, especially online private retailers, will benefit consumers in the later stages of service and quality assurance. Limited, therefore, mothers should pay special attention to the gifts you order online, and check the authenticity pictures and product packaging pictures before buying.

Many online retailers will ask you to write blessings to friends or family members when you mail. You need to mail after you have confirmed that the product is correct, or advise friends to pay attention. Or, you can check on the website of the Consumer Association to see if the items you buy online are on the blacklist. After the party is over, you should check carefully to see if there are any parts of the toys that your friends send online that will cause harm to your baby.

5: Give up toys that are too noisy

Long-term playing with toys that are too loud can cause hearing damage to the baby. If the sound made by the toy exceeds 90 decibels, it is really a kind of noise that hurts the body. Before buying in the toy store, press the button and listen to the effect. In addition, we must also consider the distance between the children and the toy speaker, whether he holds it in his arms, or puts it around or in other corners of the room. Trust your own judgment. If you think it is loud, then its sound is probably really not suitable for the baby.

6: Beware of magnets and batteries

If a child swallows 2 or more magnets, the suction in the body will cause fatal damage to the intestines. Therefore, for children who like to put things in their mouths and bite, toys that easily loose magnets have a higher risk.

In addition, be careful of button batteries in pronunciation books, music greeting cards, and electronic watches. A button battery that a child accidentally swallows will move smoothly in the body and stay in the esophagus, causing tissue damage. If the battery that the child swallows is still charged, it will also cause internal burns due to the electric current. To be safe, keep books and other items with batteries high on the shelf out of the reach of children.

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