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How do children from 1 to 3 years old grow up

by:Toysmax     2021-05-22
From the age of one to one and a half years, the child will gradually grow up like this:    have 8-14 baby teeth; can stand, walk, squat down and get up again, raise one foot and do kicking movements; can push, pull or carry while walking Toys; toys that make sounds such as beating bottles and drums; repeat some simple sounds or actions; understand and understand some words, can say their own names; can express their wishes in one or two words; like to read books and learn Reading books, but not page by page; able to take out or put small toys in the cup; like to play 'hide and seek' games; can consciously call 'dad' or 'mother'; can point out or name familiar ones Things; can stack 3-5 blocks; can drink water from a cup and eat with a spoon; can point out various parts of the body; can play with children for a while.  Development warning  There are the following situations where parents need to pay attention and see a doctor if necessary: u200bu200bthey have not grown teeth; cannot express emotions such as anger, happiness, and fear; cannot crawl; cannot stand alone. From one and a half years old to two and a half years old, children will gradually grow up like this:    can walk backwards, support railings up and down stairs; under the care of adults, can walk on wide-ear balance beams; can run fast; can throw balls; love nursery rhymes , Songs, short stories and finger games; able to open and close ordinary zippers; imitate housework (such as moving a small bench for adults and learning to pinch pasta); able to speak the names of various body parts consistently; able to take the initiative Indicates the willingness to urinate; know and use one's own name, such as 'baby wants'; can wash and wipe hands by oneself; can speak short sentences of 3-4 words; can turn a book page by page; imitate origami, can Stack 6-10 blocks, and do 1-3 puzzles; like playing in sand and water; can recognize himself in photos. Developmental warnings: Parents need to pay attention to the following situations: they cannot walk independently; they do not try to speak or repeat words; they cannot answer simple questions with 'yes' or 'no'; they cannot recognize themselves in the mirror; fontanelle (xìn) mén) is not closed. From two and a half to three and a half years old, the child will gradually grow up like this:    have 20 deciduous teeth; can ride a tricycle; can jump long; can climb a climbing frame; can jump forward with both feet; can go around obstacles (such as thresholds) alone ); can pinch small objects with fingers, can untie or buckle large buttons on clothes; can walk on a wider balance beam; can go up and down stairs by oneself; can unscrew or tighten the lid; can easily classify objects; like Listening to adult reading; able to speak 6-10 word sentences, able to use 'you'Do housework; love to imitate activities in life. Development warnings: Parents need to pay attention to the following situations: unable to walk freely, often falling; unable to climb steps with the help of adults; unable to point to familiar objects to name them; unable to speak sentences of 2-3 words .
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