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How children learn English 5 cartoons suitable for children to learn English

by:Toysmax     2021-06-16

1. BBC natural spelling enlightenment animation Alphablocks

Introduction: Alphablocks is the Phonics natural spelling enlightenment animation produced by Cbeebies, which takes children to vividly learn the pronunciation of letters and the spelling of common words. Each letter has its own story. These Alphablocks show children a very interesting wordsmagic through different combinations. It is a very good series of animations for children to contact phonics to spell naturally and generate spelling awareness. sheet.


1. Each episode is about 5 minutes.

2. Simple, clear, interesting, and will not cause difficulty in understanding.

3. Cultivate children's spelling awareness.

Suitable for the crowd: 2-6 years old

2. LeapFrog LeapFrog series

Introduction: LeapFrog_LetterFactory is a very popular phonics in the United States. Spelling enlightenment animation.


1. Each episode is about 35 minutes.

2. Interesting.

3. Each episode is divided into topics such as letters, numbers, etc.

4. The knowledge is displayed by the story, so the language of the story is difficult, but the difficulty of learning content is moderate.

Suitable for the crowd: 2-6 years old

3. Mickey Magic House

Introduction: It emphasizes the mathematical logic analysis of preschool children Develop, use music, colors, and language appropriate to the age of children to create a lively and pleasant atmosphere, and incorporate knowledge for the growth and development of children into it, which is fun, interactive, and entertaining.


1. About 25 minutes per episode

2. Dynamic music box with vivid colors.

3. Training young children's early mathematics and logic analysis skills, including: the understanding of shapes, scales, numbers, associations, etc.

Suitable for the crowd: 2-5 years old

4. Kayou

Introduction: It tells about various things encountered by preschool children, which incorporates a lot of things Parents and teachers educate their children, such as how to help the older children in the family feel uncomfortable with the new siblings, how to make friends, how to let the children spend the first day of kindergarten and so on.


1. About 30 minutes per episode

2. Bright colors, spoken language, and clear pronunciation.

3. Moderate speaking speed.

Suitable for the crowd: 3-6 years old

5. Dora the Explorer

Introduction: Dora is an original animation that is already well-known in China , Pronounced as a standard American accent, the animation is about Dora’s adventures. During the adventure, you must say some English words to continue. It is an interactive animation.


1. About 25 minutes per episode

2. Combination of Chinese and English.

3. The content of the story covers English learning and daily behavior norms, which is very interactive.

Suitable for the crowd: 4-6 years old.

Love tips: the principle of selecting cartoons suitable for babies

In the selection of cartoon materials, we should strive to meet the physical and mental characteristics of children.

Pay attention to choosing children’s personal experiences and daily life that are interesting, understandable, and easy to absorb, which are lively and interesting, full of childishness, and close to children’s life and emotional preferences, and its difficulty is consistent with children of all ages The developmental characteristics of the child are slightly higher than the age level of the child, so that the child not only feels too difficult, but also feels a certain degree of challenge.

In addition, while watching the animation, combined with some vocabulary cards, reading exercises, listening exercises, etc. to form a systematic learning plan, from children's English learning listening, speaking, reading, writing, practicing, playing, etc. To carry out learning in all aspects and guide children to learn English step by step.

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