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How can toy manufacturers use 3D printing to become a 3D printed toy tycoon?

by:Toysmax     2021-05-12

3D printing technology is developing vigorously, and '3D printing' is also frequently appearing in major media at home and abroad. However, for most ordinary users or companies in certain industries, although they are familiar with them, they rarely have any intersection with their personal lives. How to promote 3D printing to truly realize market popularization is still one of the problems faced by various industries. Take the toy industry as an example. Suppose I am a toy dealer. How can I apply 3D printing to become a 3D printed toy tycoon?

1. Choose suitable 3D printing modeling software

If you want to use 3D printing technology to realize the dream of a toy tycoon, you must choose a computer To run 3D modeling software. The configuration of the computer does not need to be too high, as long as it can ensure the smooth operation of the modeling software.

There are many softwares with 3D modeling and design functions, whether it is UG, Pro/E dedicated to industrial design, or 3D Max, CAD. In addition, some simple and easy-to-operate 3D modeling software has recently been launched on the market, and you can also choose it appropriately. The user does not need to blindly pursue the high version during the use process, as long as the individual can use it skillfully.

Take the simple and easy-to-operate IME3D series of 3D printing innovation (education) software launched by AUWEI (Shanghai) Digital Technology Co., Ltd. as an example, although the IME3D series of modeling software is a set of 3D printing software for educational software solutions, but for toy manufacturers, it is also applicable. Now, let me introduce how to operate the modeling software Easy3D, 3DEmboss and 3D relief software to 3D print creative small screens.

1Design screen frame

You can draw various screen frame shapes in Easy3D, and you can also search for your favorite screen style pictures, and directly import Easy3D for modification and adjustment. Pay attention to reserve the space for connecting wires during the assembly process.

2Design embossed board

Using 3DEmboss software, you can design a light-transmitting embossed board directly with pictures. Pay attention to setting the appropriate drawing board size during the design process to ensure that it fits with the screen frame.

3Printing and assembling

After printing, fix the embossed board on the screen frame with glue, and then connect the multiple screens with red thread, a translucent embossed screen decoration It's finished.

Second, choose a 3D printer to realize 3D printing model materialization

Nowadays, there are many types of 3D printers on the market, and the price ranges from thousands to tens of thousands. Choose carefully . A 3D printer can be considered in terms of stability, accuracy, molding size, operation, after-sales service, etc. If you have been dizzy by the many 3D printers on the market, you can ask Sandi Space-Time for help.

Take the wiiboox series 3D printer wiiboox one3D printer developed by Jiangsu Weiboox Technology Co., Ltd. as an example, to introduce the specific parameters and performance of the 3D printer.

In addition, for toy manufacturers, in terms of stability, printing accuracy, molding size, after-sales service, etc., the latest 'Weedo' model 3D printer from Verbos is also a good choice. If you want to acquire a reliable 3D printer in the near future, you must seize this golden opportunity and contact Sandi Space-Time.

In short, 3D printing has fully realized market popularization and application, driving the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries is the general trend, especially the promotion of the positive government and the attention of the media, making 3D printing rapidly popular and becoming a global hot spot. As a toy manufacturer, choose 3D modeling software and 3D printer, combined with 3D printing technology, to develop and manufacture toys with half the effort, and the dream of becoming a toy tycoon will be just around the corner.

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