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How can the baby’s happy childhood be missing it!

by:Toysmax     2021-06-08

Toys are something that every child is familiar with. After the baby is born, parents prepare all kinds of things for the baby, and toys are also indispensable. Some babies love to cry, and some parents will give them toys. This will not only divert your baby's attention, but also improve his ability to observe and discern some things, and it can also promote some hearing skills!

Card fun puzzle and fun layered rolling ball toys: colorful, reasonable color matching, to stimulate the baby's vision, teach children to identify colors, and increase the interest in playing. Unique shape design, each slide to the edge will have a variety of corrugated designs, the surface is smooth, will not cut the baby's delicate skin. Each layer of the disc can be matched with the base, and the baby can match it at will, it can be two or three layers, it is very easy to stack and group, and train the baby's practical ability.

Comes with toy balls of different colors, teach the baby to put the ball to the top, the ball will roll along the slide, and fall from the small mouth layer by layer, let Baby is more fun to play! The use of antibacterial and environmentally friendly materials to take care of the baby's health in all aspects is also a good choice for parents!

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