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How can parents prevent babies from eating toys by mistake? Pay attention to small toy parts

by:Toysmax     2021-06-02

In recent years, incidents of children accidentally eating toys are not uncommon, endangering the healthy growth of babies. So how can parents prevent babies from eating toys by mistake? The following is how to prevent the baby from eating toys by accident.

1. Baby toys should be checked regularly

The toys in the hands of babies are also one of the dangerous items that often cause babies to swallow by mistake, I believe you will often see In this picture, the baby looks at the toy in his hand, and then freezes for 2-3 seconds before sending the toy to his mouth.

But parents should pay more attention to check whether the small parts of the toy are easy to fall off, and whether the screw and nut fixing places are loose, so as to prevent the baby from eating the small parts of the toy by mistake.

2. Children should be accompanied by an adult

Parents should keep up their minds to observe when children who are not sensible are playing with toys to avoid accidents. Parents accompany their children, and they can stop them in time when they chew on toys. Even if they accidentally eat toys, they can get timely treatment.

3. Check when buying toys.

Try to buy larger and good quality toys. Including the eyes of plush toys, etc., try to choose a size larger than the child's mouth, so as to prevent the child from swallowing by mistake. Children can easily deliver things to their mouths, and toys should be disinfected regularly.

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