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How about Furong Angel building block toy? Furong Angel Variety Building Block Teaching Method

by:Toysmax     2021-05-22

For the baby, building blocks can not only develop the baby's hands-on ability, but also help the baby's creativity and imagination. Simply put, toys of this type can be regarded as toys for the baby's intellectual development, and are helpful to the baby's intellectual development.

The design of the main body of the Furong Angel inserting blocks imitates the water pipes used in daily life, but the scale is reduced a lot. The shapes of the main models can allow babies to use their imagination and create more things. And several simple shapes can exercise the baby's hands-on ability, and also allow the baby to play freely.

How to spell out the above graphics

Baby has more love for brightly colored items, so Furong Angel uses rainbow colors on this building block , Attract the baby's attention. And a variety of colors improve the baby's perception of colors, so that the baby's visual development can also be exercised.

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