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Hot sales of new children's toys campus curse cards cause parents to worry

by:Toysmax     2021-05-18

Remember that there is a character in 'Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf' called 'Brother Xiaosha. The recently released children's toy 'School Curse Card' satisfies the children's 'retaliation' mentality, which has caused many parents to worry about it.

The campus 'curse' makes children's toys 'changed'

On April 14, an Anqing Evening News reporter found in a tutoring class that a child who came for tutoring was holding it Holding a small box. The student told reporters that what he was holding was a school toy that was relatively hot recently. The reporter found that the five words 'Campus Curse Card' were written on the box. The meaning of 'curse' is interpreted as: 'Originally meant to pray for ghosts and gods to inflict harm on the people they hate, now it means cursing.' Then, what is this so-called 'school curse' and will this kind of curse card give children? What about adverse effects?

On the morning of April 15, the reporter visited many stationery shops near Gaoqi Primary School and Renmin Road No. 1 Primary School. When the reporter expressed his wish When purchasing the 'Campus Curse CardBut to the reporter's surprise, these bosses all said that it was not that they had never sold this kind of cards, but that they were 'sold too well and out of stock.' In the end, the reporter only bought a few 'Campus Curse Cards' in a stationery store on the west side of the gate of Park Elementary School.

The reporter opened the 'Campus Curse Card' that he just bought, and he can see that a set of 'Campus Curse Card' consists of 16 small cards. The small cards are only the size of a bank card. In addition to various cartoon patterns, there are also written 'I curse ×××' and the content of the curse. The content of the curse is even more varied, including 'I hope you fail the exam!' 'Nightmare while sleeping!'' The Internet is disconnected!' 'Stop the water when taking a bath!' The content is varied, all under the name of 'curse

The owner of this stationery store told reporters that a set of 'Campus Curse Cards' is only one dollar. In fact, they have been sold since 2013. This kind of alternative school toys always looks like 'a gust of wind' from time to time. Popular among students and popular for a period of time. Recently this kind of card has become popular again, especially the fourth and fifth grade elementary school students buy more. The curse card can be written with the names of other students, and many elementary school students follow the trend to buy it.

At noon that day, the reporter interviewed several students randomly at the gate of Park Elementary School. Most elementary school students know this school toy. During the conversation with the children, the reporter found that these so-called 'curse' cards are actually a kind of funny and interesting joke tool in the eyes of the students.

'Write the name of your friend, and then quietly stuff it into his schoolbag or drawer, without telling him, let him think about who'harmed' him. It feels like looking at them anxiously Very funny.' A fourth-grade male student told reporters that there are more than 40 students in his class, and more than half of the students have bought 'Campus Curse Cards' to spoof others. If the students find out who is 'cursing' themselves , Will buy a curse card to fight back in the same way.

Parents should pay attention to children’s stress-relieving needs

In the interview, many parents expressed their views on such negative toys. 'If my children take this kind of card, I will be very worried.' Parent Ms. Liu told reporters, 'This kind of card hurts the children very much. Some of the low-level curses on it are simply subtly distorting the children's thoughts. '

CCTV News Report

Some parents also believe that the current children’s learning pressure is too great, which leads to the birth of this 'morbid' toy. popular. 'Children nowadays are sometimes over-stressed. All kinds of competitions and performances are based on scores. There is nowhere to vent the inner pressure of the child. Long-term depression has a great impact on physical and mental health. My child will be here this year. In the third grade, I also saw him play this with his classmates. I firmly oppose children using this kind of 'school toy' to vent their pressure.' As a parent, Mr. Liu told reporters in an interview.

“Due to their young age, elementary school students still lack a certain degree of discrimination, judgment, and control over emotions. The “campus curse card” is widely spread among elementary school students. This is a negative catharsis The way, it is easy to bring negative energy to the children, which is not conducive to the development of the children's physical and mental health.' Teacher Jiang, who works at the No. 1 Primary School of Petrochemical Corporation, also expressed his views to reporters. Regarding the concerns of parents and teachers, the reporter then interviewed Wang Yan, a senior consultant for family education at a psychological counseling institution in our city. Teacher Wang told reporters that the content of cards such as 'Campus Curse Cards' is low-level, which produces negative implications and promotes the growth of children. Comes unhealthy impact. If a child buys such a card, it means that the child has a backlog of bad emotions in his heart and there is nowhere to vent it. Parents must pay attention to the child's need to relieve stress and properly guide the child in time.

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