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High-tech toys cause worries, how to return to the basics to achieve a win-win situation

by:Toysmax     2021-05-26

Global Technology Comprehensive Report According to a report by the Daily Mail on November 22, every child’s childhood is inseparable from toys. In the process of playing, children form an understanding of the world. In recent years, the technical content of toys has become higher and higher, but many parents and educators worry that their children will have adverse effects by staring at electronic screens all day long. In view of this, many high-tech toys have begun to return to the basics, eliminating the concept of 'reducing screen time and increasing hands-on operation'.

Learning in creation

Educators say that whether it is a toddler or a youth trying to assemble a computer for the first time, the process of creating It is the process of subtle learning.

Bloxels is a game that integrates digital technology and hands-on operation. Children can create video games with plastic cubes in a special tray, and then use the camera of a mobile phone or tablet to take pictures, and use an application to convert the captured images into digital characters or scenes.

How to win-win word-of-mouth sales?

When children master knowledge through creation, the learning effect is the best. But toy industry experts say that this kind of toy is rarely favored by children. Toys that sell high technology and unknowingly incorporate educational concepts are very popular.

For example, this Code-a-Pillar introduces a simple password concept. This game allows preschoolers to collect different signs. Each sign represents a specific instruction to direct the caterpillar to 'Turn left

Technology also has limitations

Some parents mistakenly believe that the earlier their children are exposed to high-tech, the more promising they are. A recent study by the American Academy of Pediatrics has shown that combining high-quality technological products with hands-on activities can achieve the best results in intellectual development. In other words, not all high-tech toys have educational functions.

If a toy just allows the child to stare at the screen, it will hinder the child's ability to use hands, which is more important for the child's intellectual development. Einstein has never even touched a computer in his entire life, and hasn't he also made great scientific achievements?

Boycott the screen

The children’s obsession with computers has allowed businesses to discover new business opportunities—teaching children to assemble computers. The Kano company launched a story book that is easy to understand for children and teaches children to assemble computers by themselves. The company said that allowing children to do it themselves can stimulate their great potential, and it's much better than looking through the screen light.

However, the screen cannot disappear from children’s lives overnight. We cannot deprive the next generation of their preferences, but we can provide them with more valuable products from a whole new perspective.

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