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Hasbro children's toys are hurt by counterfeit and inferior toys

by:Toysmax     2021-05-15

Fake products have always been a common problem in the domestic market. The counterfeit milk powder that was exposed some time ago has caused people to panic, and it is commonplace for children's toys to be counterfeited. Recently, Beijing has seized a batch of counterfeit 'Hasbro' children's toys.

Beijing Business Daily News Accelerated resolution + strict inspection of counterfeit products has become Beijing's dual policy on the wholesale market. The Fengtai Industrial and Commercial Bureau recently inspected the merchants in the Dahongmen Danbihua Market and investigated and dealt with 468 counterfeit 'Hasbro' toys. Fengtai Industrial and Commercial Bureau stated that counterfeiting and trademark infringement in the Dahongmen area have always been the focus of the governance work, and will be strictly investigated during the critical period when the core functions of the non-capital city are resolved.

According to the on-site appraisal by the trademark owner, the 'Hasbro' Transformers toys sold at a booth in Danbihua Market are all counterfeit. It is understood that 'Hasbro' is a well-known American toy company, together with Mattel and Lego, known as the world's three largest toy manufacturers. It owns many brand products such as real estate tycoon, Pelto, and Heat. Transformers is the most popular product series among domestic consumers. Counterfeit children's toys cannot be guaranteed in terms of hygiene, safety, and chemical substance testing. Unqualified children's toys are likely to cause harm to children. At the same time, '3C' certification is an important measure to ensure product safety.

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