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Guangdong's toy industry is the first to recover, and its status in the industry will hardly be shaken within 20 years?

by:Toysmax     2021-05-08

Affected by the epidemic in 2020, orders for self-operated export toy companies in Guangdong also fell for a while. The latest research report released by the Guangdong Toy Association pointed out that the new crown pneumonia epidemic caused orders for self-operated export toy companies in Guangdong to drop by more than 30%, but After the end of April, there was a small upsurge in online toy sales. Toy companies have achieved remarkable results in reaching the Internet, and it can be said that they are the first to return to normal levels in all major industries.

The proportion of online sales of toys has grown rapidly

According to Li Zhuoming, president of the Guangdong Toy Association, Guangdong is the world’s largest toy production and export base. Guangdong’s toy exports in 2019 were 21.509 billion U.S. dollars , Accounting for 69.1% of the national share. At the beginning of the year, due to the epidemic, toy companies once 'shut down,' but they took the lead in showing a recovery trend in April, and there was a small wave of toy sales during Children's Day in June. According to data from mainstream e-commerce platforms 'TaobaoThe association researched and judged that in 2019, online toy sales accounted for about 35%, and this year this proportion will increase substantially.

Based on this, the 2020 Toy Fair, which will be restarted half a year later due to the epidemic, focuses on highlighting the 'e-commerce element'. In addition to organizing more than 1,300 exhibitors to participate in the exhibition and exhibiting tens of thousands of new products, it also A large number of professional visitors from the e-commerce and cross-border e-commerce ecosystems have been organized to visit and purchase to connect with toy manufacturers. In addition, the '2020 Tmall Toy Industry Merchants Meeting and Exchange Conference' will be held on August 6, and the '2020 China (Shenzhen) Cross-border E-commerce ASEAN Cooperation and Development Forum-Selection of Toys, Maternal, Infant and Child Industry' will be held on August 7. 'The Summit' is expected to stimulate a new round of industrial potential, so that the Chinese toy industry will not undergo a market reversal due to the epidemic.

The status of toy manufacturing will not change in 20 years.

China is the world's largest toy producer and exporter. More than 70% of the products on the world toy market are made in China. After the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, some Western politicians advocated the return of the manufacturing industry. India raised the import tariff on toys from 20% to 60% in February, and the remarks about the transfer of China's toy manufacturing industry to Southeast Asian countries have been rampant.

Li Zhuoming said that after more than 30 years of development, China’s toy industry has accumulated a solid foundation and advantages, with a strong industrial chain and unmatched production efficiency. In particular, toy companies in Guangdong have widely used advanced equipment such as CNC machine tools, digital processing centers, laser rapid prototyping machines, and engraving machines. The industry's automation and product quality have reached the international leading level. International brand companies such as Hasbro, Mattel, and Disney once transferred some orders to Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries for production, but due to quality control technology and other issues, they have quietly returned to Guangdong for production in recent years. 'The industrial chain and management advantages of China's toy factories are very obvious.' Li Zhuoming told reporters: 'My personal judgment is that in the field of modern toy manufacturing, China's industry status will not change within 20 years.'

This year, Guangdong toy companies have been actively seeking breakthroughs in the face of the epidemic, and they are beginning to see results. A large number of companies have opened Douyin, WeChat, and Weibo Moments sales channels. Many companies can sell tens of thousands of blocks in a live broadcast, and the industry's activity is increasing day by day. According to data from the General Administration of Customs, in the first half of this year, the import and export of the customs cross-border e-commerce supervision platform increased by 26.2%, of which exports increased by 28.7%. China's toy industry, which was the first to recover, played a positive role.

Source: Hong Kong Commercial Daily

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