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Graffiti wall gives children a different entertainment experience

by:Toysmax     2021-06-02

Every child will paint on the wall as they grow up. At this time, parents will be distressed by the imprints that can’t be erased, but preventing the child’s scribbling will limit the child’s imagination and creation. free.

If you buy a graffiti wall, this is probably what every kid who likes graffiti will be very longing for. Children can play creatively on it, DIY graffiti and various patterns creation, and parents no longer have to worry about all kinds of graffiti that cannot be cleaned up on the white wall.

The tens of billions of euro graffiti wall is made of high-quality environmentally friendly PVC+PET synthetic materials; the international standard eye protection is green, non-reflective; the field character is dark and the painting is more patterned; the use of matte matte, durable Grinding can last for 15 years; there is a single-sided glue on the reverse side, just open the paste; it can be pasted on large white walls, latex paint walls and other smooth and hard materials.

Graffiti, this is one of the indispensable education for foreign children when they are young. In the fairy tale kingdom of Denmark, every family has a graffiti wall for children to use. The vast space for graffiti has a different perspective from the desktop paper painting. After a lot of research, the results show that, compared with the traditional scribbling on paper by bending over and lowering your head, standing up to observe and graffiti is more conducive to divergent thinking, broadening of thinking, and more physical exercise.

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