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Good for baby toys over 0-6 years old, early education experts tell you

by:Toysmax     2021-06-19

For babies over ten months old, they can walk very steadily. They can jump and trot with both feet full, and they like to do big activities and games with their body movements. I am very interested in electric toys. Music with a strong sense of rhythm is also an element that can especially drive the baby's play emotions and body movements.

Good toys for babies over 0-6 years old, early education experts tell you

0-6 months: nursery rhymes and music, through different notes and Rhythm can soothe your baby's emotions.

6-12 months: light games can guide the baby to pat freely, exercise hand-eye coordination, and at the same time inspire a sense of music.

Above 12 months: At this time, the baby has the ability to recognize colors and numbers. Following the mind will help the brain development. Fairy tales can cultivate the baby's thinking ability and analytical ability.

Di Ai baby hand drum: Made of food-grade pp material, non-toxic, tasteless, non-fading, environmentally friendly and healthy.

When parents choose toys for their babies, in addition to ensuring safety and fun, it is better to choose toys that can give the baby early education, okay! This toy is very helpful for babies aged 0-6! Like moms, hurry up!

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