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Go crazy: give children a more exciting and joyful childhood

by:Toysmax     2021-05-10

Today, the fierce competition of urbanization creates various life pressures for everyone working in the city, such as: Several people who do not know each other work in the same city and endure their own shortcomings for economic reasons. And co-renting together, the pace of work from 9 to 5, endless work with overtime, soaring housing prices, etc. For most families who have already married with children, parents often have limited energy and time at work and how to take care of their children. Annoyance arises between.

It’s crazy to play. It’s a short video original program created in 2016 to accompany children to play. It has no complicated games and tools, and all the tools used are from small objects that can be seen everywhere in life, so every child can quickly get started under the leadership of their parents.

Their starting point is not to rack their brains to generate high revenue, but from the perspective of children, use their world to create more happiness and share it with all children who are not grown up.

Fang Dashou does not eat fish

Use a straw to make a maze of pinballs, use A4 colored paper, leaves, pine cones, and eye stickers to make various Thanksgiving turkeys and a coke Bottle played with N scientific experiments... Use the simple materials in life to play with all kinds of incredible patterns and models. This program will teach you to combine the useless materials in life into a playable object.

Put the five solid colors into a bottle in turn, then cut the plastic bottle with scissors, and then knead it into a ball with your hands and knead it into a circle. It becomes our common stick. Sugar shape. Lollipop, a snack that everyone will not be unfamiliar with in childhood.

Another interesting thing is the big head image made of flour, balloons and markers. The flour is poured into the balloon with a funnel and then sealed, and can be squeezed into any irregular shape. Draw different facial expressions with markers on it. Funny and creative!

Due to the fun of creating something that everyone resonates with, this 5 minutes and 6 seconds show has been broadcast 9.532 million times on iQiyi.

Not only can it be watched, but it is also playable and operable. The number of times this album has been played by audiences currently exceeds 50 million on iQiyi.

Creating and playing the planet

Science experiment or magic? Toy or delicacy? Purple cabbage, baking soda, detergent, quail eggs, crystal flower mud... What about these completely non-sticky things? Was rubbed together, making the children crazy?

A puzzle exploration show, hosted by a few children. When the child takes over the entire show, it returns to the same child with the child’s innocence and fun. Only eight short videos that went online have been played 14.98 million times on iQiyi.

Playful team

The two founders who are crazy to play have written fairy tales, have done children’s programs, and have also done ground children’s training. In the process, they have encountered a lot of 4 -A 12-year-old child knows the importance of imagination and curiosity to the growth of children and everyone.

Be an interesting person and make everyone interesting. This team who likes to play and prefer to play with creativity, each 3-10 minutes of video content takes an average of two weeks to find the most interesting materials and methods.

Curiosity is the biggest driving force. When food coloring is dripped into the milk, it turns into a colorful painting when it encounters detergent. The phenomenon itself is already very interesting, and the scientific principle behind this phenomenon is explained in the public signal. But for the crazy team, this is not enough. Why is there only milk? Can yogurt work? Can't buttermilk work? Just drip the detergent in it? Will it look better when you turn it around? What will happen if you put it in the refrigerator?... The friends immediately started and bought six , Seven kinds of things to try various, the final video showed several different phenomena.

Challenge imagination and creativity. A suction buckle toy, the official has given several ways to play, do you follow the rules? Never! The team has unearthed nearly 10 ways to play and use, and will further expand and mix and match with more materials. ……The starting point for playing crazy is that the show is not for watching, but for playing. From online video to offline product package, provide a complete experience.

Imperfect, more grounded. Experiment with cutting colored cola bottles. When people make it, they are very good, but in actual operation, they found that it is not that simple. The frozen 'Coke bottles' were all broken when they were taken out. The editors are also heartbroken. Later I wanted to understand one thing: not everyone makes beautiful things. 'Failure is the mother of success' is not for nothing. We are not that perfect, we just toss over and over again until we succeed. As a result, the 'laboratory story' was born in the public signal, and all these failed experiences behind the scenes, including the lessons learned, were all aired out for fans to see.

Small results from the play

It is the enthusiasm and hard work of the two founders and the team of 7 people who are crazy to play with children. In the past year, 150 issues have been produced. The video of the program was broadcast on several major video website platforms at the same time, and was broadcast 230 million times in total. The number of views on iQiyi exceeded 100 million, which was the first video of its kind to exceed 100 million. There are 30,000 precise fans on WeChat, 100,000 on Weibo, and 100,000 on video sites.

Next, playing crazy will expand the content to a wider range. For example: how to play in nature, how to visit museums, etc. to improve the content, their goal is to become the first brand in the field of parent-child life video in China.

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