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Fuhaier large-particle building block toys, play and learn, record every moment of baby's growth

by:Toysmax     2021-05-23

Building block toys are one of the indispensable toys for every baby in the process of growing up. There are not too many toys at all. Building blocks of different materials and different themes can bring different cognitive experiences to children. Fuhaier large-particle building block toys not only have bright colors and rich patterns, but also have different educational functions, which can be used for a long time for babies.

Fuhaier's large-grain building blocks are made of beech wood, with clear texture, fine texture, high hardness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, elegant color and smooth and beautiful color, uniform and fine texture. The touch surface has a good texture. And Fuhaier's large-particle building block toys integrate early education, enlightenment, and games, play and learn, grow up happily, and record every moment of baby's growth.

Fuhaier large-particle building block toys

The first stage: Grab a small hand

Yes My mother would ask, how can such a small baby play with building blocks? Mom and dad can demonstrate to the baby the action of swapping the blocks from one hand to the other. At this stage, the baby can practice grasping blocks of various shapes and knocking the blocks in his hands.

The second stage: Balance Jenga

Baby try to build length and height, release the baby’s creativity and imagination.

The third stage: color and geometry learning

Improve the baby's cognition and make the baby's world more colorful.

The fourth stage: learning of numbers and letters

Fuhaier large-particle building blocks are printed with numbers 0-9, several sets of numerical operations, and operation symbols. You can print abstract numbers on concrete blocks, which makes it easier for babies to remember and learn faster. There are 26 capital letters printed on the front of the building blocks and 26 lowercase letters on the back. The baby can use letters to spell words.

The fifth stage: Unleash the imagination

From simple imitations to complex large-scale constructions, from things with names to unbelievable objects, witness the baby’s continuous growth , Let your baby build freely without restraint.

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