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Four coups teach you how to pick toys

by:Toysmax     2021-05-16
Children's toys look very beautiful. Nowadays, there are more and more children's toys on the market, and the gameplay is becoming more and more novel. However, there are more and more cases of toys hurting children. A few days ago, when the reporter visited the local children's toy market, he discovered that behind the glamorous appearance of some of the best-selling toys on the market, there are hidden safety risks.   Hidden dangers 'Dancing Ball' will 'bite' his hand   Last summer, my husband paid 10 yuan to buy a toy called 'Dancing Ball' at a toy stall near the park. The three-year-old son liked it very much when he saw it, but something unexpected happened immediately. 'Who would have thought that the plastic head on it could be easily pulled off by a child, and more than a dozen holes with a diameter of about 2 cm were exposed. When the movement is rotating at high speed, the child's small hand can be inserted in the consequences.' Ms. Wang said the child. After being injured, fortunately the bones were fine, but the fingers were swollen for many days. This 'dancing ball' left a great psychological shadow on his son. When I saw the 'dancing ballThe unpleasant smell is really pungent.   'Plastic raw materials themselves are tasteless.' According to an industry insider, many of the peculiar smells emitted by toys come from plasticizers, adhesives, and pigments in toys. Many cheap plastic toys on the market are made of inferior waste plastics. In order to increase the toughness of plastics, plasticizers are used. Toys need to use adhesives during the bonding process, and inks, paints, etc. are used when printing. Things will release formaldehyde, benzene, phenol, methanol, lead and other harmful substances. Some toys emit a pungent 'fragrance' smell, which is specially added by the manufacturer to cover up the peculiar smell emitted by inferior plastics. Try not to let children come into contact with such toys. Heavy metals and other substances released by them can cause cancer if they are exposed to serious for a long time. There are many problems behind the hidden danger plush dolls. 'The little bear, who was held in his arms by his daughter all day, found that the stuffing inside was not only fiber cotton, but also a lot of broken sponges and rags. It was disgusting.' Citizen Ms. Zhang recently discovered a shocking scene when she was washing children's toys.   An industry insider admitted that the purchase price of seemingly similar plush toys is actually quite different. This mainly depends on the brand, production process and product quality. 'The price of stuffed cotton for toys on the market will not be less than 14 yuan per kilogram, and the amount of stuffing cotton used for a larger plush is about 1.5 kilograms or more. With the addition of fabrics and artificial production, the sales price is at least 100 yuan. Above.' He said that when buying stuffed toys, it is best not to buy stuffed toys that are obviously too cheap. □Consumption tips How to choose toys for you 1. The name and address of the manufacturer or seller, implementation standards, etc., consumers should buy toys that are suitable for children's age range, especially for children under 3 years of age to choose toys. .  2. Do not buy toys with small parts that may be swallowed or inhaled, and those with sharp or rough edges.   3. Check the real object. When shopping for plush toys, please pull the nose, eyes, buttons and other small parts on the toy to see if it is easy to fall off, pinch it to feel the texture, and sniff the smell close to it. Anything that feels hard or clumpy or has a peculiar smell. Most of the plush toys are filled with inferior materials.   4. Dispose of the outer packaging. The purchased toys are equipped with plastic packaging bags or packaging. They should be put away or discarded immediately after unpacking. Do not let children play to avoid suffocation.
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