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Focus on the strength of the Hape building block toy brand at the 2019 CTE China Toy Fair

by:Toysmax     2021-05-22

CTE China Toy Fair is an international toy sourcing feast. Every year, more than 30 countries and regions toy and preschool products brands gather here to showcase a variety of trendy new products. Just today, today, the annual CTE The China Toy Fair was held as scheduled at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. The Hape building block toy brand also appeared at the 2019 CTE China Toy Fair as scheduled. The booth was packed with visitors and consultants, and the popularity was overwhelming. It became the focus of the scene!

Hape Group is one of the world’s largest wooden toy design and manufacturers. It was founded in Germany in 1986 by the founder and president Peter Handstein. Hape is committed to We develop high-quality educational toys for children from birth to 6 years old around the world. The products are sold in more than 60 countries and regions including Germany, France, Italy, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Japan, and China.

Hape Group invested 23 million US dollars to build Ningbo Yiren Toys Co., Ltd. This new company is located in Ningbo Economic and Technological Development Zone, covering an area of u200bu200b65,000 square meters, and will be constructed in three years. While Shanghai Yiren Toys Co., Ltd. is responsible for the sales of branded toys in China, Hape uses a brand-new corporate identity image, and a brand-new corporate identity image appears in the market.

The Hape building block toy brand is not only committed to the development of exquisite toys, but also insists on paying attention to the future of Mother Earth, and is committed to acting as the 'environmental guardian' of the industry, starting from the source, process, terminal and other links Carry out strict control, and strive to minimize the negative impact on the environment.

The time of this exhibition is October 16-18. More excitement is still going on. If you want to understand the excellent quality of Hape building block toy brand more intuitively, welcome to Shanghai New International Expo Center Hape building block toy brand booth site, we are here to look forward to your arrival!

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