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Flash toys are the darling of young children

by:Toysmax     2021-05-07

With cheerful music, flashing toys such as flashing sticks, flashing cars and flashing balls are very popular among children. The reporter visited our city’s toy market and found that, in our city, flash toys are the darling of young children, but behind this twinkling and beautiful light, there are certain health risks hidden. The ophthalmologist suggested that children can play with flashing toys, but they should choose regular products and control the time to ensure healthy eyes.

A few days ago, the reporter saw in a chain maternal and child store in the urban area that all kinds of children’s toys were dazzling. Except for plush toys, the more numerous ones are with sound and light. Functional early education toys. When the reporter stated that he wanted to give a gift to a friend's child, the clerk immediately recommended a rabbit-shaped early education machine. The clerk told reporters: 'This early education machine is the best-selling in our store. It can not only sing and tell stories, but also has a voice control function. More importantly, it can play star-like lights on the roof at night, as well as colorful lights. The child likes it very much.” Then the reporter went to the toy counters in supermarkets and shopping malls. At the toy counters in the shopping malls, the salesperson recommended some hot toys to the reporter. In addition to dolls and plush toys, robots, trains, etc. Flash function.

In the interview, parents also said that flashing toys would be more popular with children, but they did not pay attention to whether flashing toys would hurt the eyes. So, will flash toys have a bad effect on the eyes? The reporter interviewed Huang Wanjin, director of the Optometry Center of the Municipal Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Huang Wanjin said that when parents buy toys for their children, they must choose 3C certified products. Children should not look directly at the strong light source for a long time, otherwise it will cause chronic damage to the eyes. The younger the child, the greater the damage. Huang Wanjin told reporters that the visual development of children around 6 years old will be more complete, and 3-4 years old is the sensitive period of visual development. Children at this stage must use their eyes less, not too much reading, cellphone, or flashing. Things, 3D movies should be watched less and more outdoor activities should be increased, but glare should be avoided. 'For some flash toys on the market, especially flash toys with strong light sources such as laser pointers, parents must be cautious and cannot buy them, otherwise they may cause lifelong regrets to their children's eyesight.' In the interview, Huang Wanjin specifically mentioned blue light. Harm to the eyes, 'Blue light is a high-energy visible light. Although it is not particularly glaring, it can penetrate directly to the retina, damage the photoreceptor cells of the retina, and accelerate the oxidation of cells in the macula.'

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