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Flame Doll Wooden Toys: Eight-in-one intelligence around the bead, come and unlock your baby’s intelligence

by:Toysmax     2021-06-02

Toys, most of the parents now choose puzzles. They can also help babies develop their intelligence while entertaining. Therefore, puzzle toys are very popular in the market. The eight-in-one intelligence in the flame doll wooden toy series can be said to be a must-have for children's toys!

A set of toys, 8 kinds of puzzle games

It can realize flying chess, shape matching, digital clock, bird on the tree, digital copy, fun Gears, calculation racks, and fun beading.

The use of environmentally friendly water-based paint sprays, the color is gorgeous, and the vibration has strict inspection standards. The main body is made of solid wood, which is safe and green and environmentally friendly. Mom can buy it with confidence. The exquisite little gift box, even if it is for relatives and friends, is more versatile. Among the parents who have purchased, some parents said: This toy is brightly colored and attracts the baby's attention. The baby is holding small beads and shuttles in the track. During the whole process, the baby's manual and brain skills are exercised. The quality is 100 points, which is great. !

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