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Fangtong Smart Shape House Calculating Bead Game evokes fond memories of childhood

by:Toysmax     2021-06-04

Abacus is a long-standing historical calculation method, and it is also a popular calculation method at that time. In today's society, abacus has become an interest. Fangtong Wisdom Shape House and Beads Game is a kind of wisdom shape house with the significance of early education, and it is also a kind of training specifically for the enlightenment education of babies.

Fangtong’s smart shape house abacus bead game has the functions of intelligence cage, abacus bead game, clock knowledge, building block learning cognition and scene game, which is reflected in all aspects A strong early education model. Moreover, the material of this game is mainly wooden, pollution-free and pollution-free educational toys. The excellent selection of materials and excellent workmanship ensure the excellent quality of Fangtong's smart shape house abacus bead game. Its bright colors are painted with safe, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-polluting toy paint, and every corner has been strictly polished, so moms and dads can let their babies play with confidence.

Fangtong Smart Shape House Abacus Beads Game is a smart shape house with early education significance, and it is also a kind of enlightenment education for babies. Kind of training. Can effectively exercise the baby's hand-eye coordination, hands-on, identification and interpersonal skills. When the baby grows up, it can also be placed in the baby's room as an ornament, which can recall fond memories of childhood at any time.

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