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Electronic vocal toys must control the sound loudness

by:Toysmax     2021-05-29

Electronic vocal toys can attract the baby's attention and allow the baby to concentrate on the toy. Sometimes it can help the parents a lot, but the biggest hazard of this type of toy is the sound control.

In the European Union RAPEX notification (48-2011), 9 consecutive times mentioned the high loudness of Chinese-made electronic sound-producing toys. It is believed that related products have the risk of causing hearing damage to young children, because The sound level is too high (greater than 90 decibels). Does not comply with the Toy Safety Directive and the relevant European standard EN71-1 (prescribed that within three years from the release, the close-to-ear toy shall not be greater than 92 decibels, and not greater than 80 decibels after three years).

Toy’s electronic sound-producing devices are mostly used in preschool or 14-year-old educational and play toys to form interaction with users or create an atmosphere for games. It consists of IC chips, It consists of a control circuit and a sounding horn, and most electronic sounding toys do not have a sound adjustment device. In the use of objects, there are babies, children or teenagers under 1 year old, most of them are not well-developed, and electronic sound products are likely to be used close to the ears, and they are prone to hearing damage, which must be paid attention to.

In this regard, the inspection and quarantine department reminds manufacturers that one should pay attention to the relevant requirements of small parts, and the louder the sound device is not the better; second, the continuity of product quality should be paid attention to, and different production batches should not be different , The procurement of small parts is slightly different, resulting in differences in quality; third, the relevant inspection and supervision departments should strictly abide by the requirements of the relevant procedures during the sampling and inspection of such products, and perform operations on such high-risk toy products. Go to 'batch batch' inspection, and release with customs clearance after passing the judgement.

Parents should also pay attention to the loudness of the toy when choosing vocal toys for their children, so as not to affect their children’s hearing development.

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