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Electric remote control toys are on fire, this year’s new products are full of 'black technology'

by:Toysmax     2021-05-10

Electric remote control toys are one of the most popular toy categories for boys. According to data from Tmall platform from March to June, from March to 618, the sales of electric remote control toys showed a year-on-year growth trend, of which during the 618 period , The sales of this category increased by 69.3% year-on-year. New electric remote control toys recently launched by toy manufacturers bring consumers a refreshing feeling by applying new technologies or upgrading new gameplay.

Applying new technologies

With the help of 'black technology' to achieve more functions

With the development of science and technology, electric remote control toy manufacturers will use some new technologies in the field of science and technology. It is applied to toy products to give the toy more functions and enhance the playability of the toy.

▋ WowWee REV smart remote control racing car: man-machine battle, tracking and positioning system, simulating the real game field

A set of toys contains two racing cars, connected by APP Control, unique tracking and positioning system, support man-machine battle, unlock and pass customs to obtain weapons to enhance combat effectiveness, and also double or multiplayer battles, bringing a real racing experience.

▋ JADA TOYS Battle Machines: The remote control is not only used to control the vehicle, but also to emit lasers and play battle games.

The remote control of this toy is equipped with With the laser battle device, the children use the remote control to attack the opponent's vehicle while controlling the vehicle. The rear of the vehicle is equipped with sensors and light displays. The first player who hits the opponent three times wins. This toy is suitable for children over 6 years old and will be available this fall.

▋ New Qida water bomb armored vehicle: remote turret control, infrared aiming, rapid burst of water bombs

This toy launches off-road vehicles and water bombs Combining with the remote control, the remote control of water bomb launching and infrared aiming can be used to achieve precise shooting and increase the fun of the battle. In addition, the universal wheel design is used to achieve various drifting actions.

▋ Huina multifunctional alloy excavator: 22 channels bring more operating experience

This excavator toy uses 22 channels (functions) , The boom, forearm, and bucket can be operated independently by remote control, bringing a richer and diverse control experience. The remote control distance can reach 40 meters. Refer to the 1:14 high-simulation design of the excavator, using ABS+ alloy material, and the entire body It weighs 5 kg.

Improve new ways to play

Increase the fun of toys through the integration of new ideas

Toy manufacturers combine electric remote control toys with other toy categories, or build on the basis of original products. Perform performance improvements and enhancements, or 'bless' new skills for them, to make the toy play more diverse.

▋ Xinghui Ferrari FXXK EVO assembled remote control car: remote control car combined with assembly play, exercise children's hands-on ability

If you want to play remote control racing, you need to It can be assembled to exercise children's hands-on ability during the assembling process. With the help of the power pack module, it can be assembled into a remote-controlled Ferrari sports car. It is equipped with a four-button dual-grip remote control to realize remote remote control operation.

▋ Silverlight anti-collision ring quadrocopter: anti-collision soft ring enhances flight safety

This aircraft is wrapped in a plastic soft ring , When encountering obstacles in flight, it will be bounced out to avoid collision and falling, thereby improving the safety of flight. It can be controlled by one hand, supports suspension, and the flight is stable and easy to grasp.

▋ Meritor Angry Birds Catapult Racer Remote Control Car: Combine IP content and add impact catapult function

Cute version of the racing car, front When encountering obstacles, the head of the angry bird will automatically eject. Press the remote control to realize the drifting action while driving straight. It is equipped with angry bird sound effects to enhance the fun of playing.

▋ Audi dual diamond car: stable deformation, all-round rollover

This remote control car can realize the car body with one button during driving Curl deformation, roll forward, long-distance stable remote control through the remote control, all-round flip and deformation to attack each other, the material is strong and durable, and the operation is simple.

▋ VTech remote control triceratops transforming dinosaur toy: one-button operation, the dinosaur becomes a racing car

Press the transform button on the remote control, and the dinosaur is It can be turned into a racing car, equipped with an LCD screen, showing rich expressions, and more than 90 voices, sound effects and songs.

▋ Brookstone amphibious vehicle: waterproof design, can drive in the water

Brookstone amphibious vehicle can perform multi-terrain stunts, including 180-degree flip, 360-degree Spin and bounce stunts, can travel on land, water, and snow, 100% waterproof, the car's top speed can reach 12 mph.

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