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Educational toys are just dolls and cars? Creative 3D smart mini 3D printer is more material

by:Toysmax     2021-05-29

For many children nowadays, educational toys are important playmates to spend a good childhood. With educational toys, children can keep their mind and body happy, exercise their imagination, and cultivate their coordination, expression, and hands-on skills in the wildly creative combination of ideas. Let yourself be able to understand and understand the world in the process of playing. Therefore, many parents will choose some scientifically designed educational toys for their babies, hoping that the more they play, the smarter they play in their fun and relaxed play.

With the rapid development of smart technology in recent years, there are more and more educational toys for parents to choose from. Among them, children’s educational equipment developed based on 3D printing technology has also received many visionary Parents welcome. Recently, the world-renowned 3D printer manufacturer Creative 3D released a smart mini 3D printer CR-100 suitable for children’s educational education, and launched a crowdfunding campaign on the JD Finance crowdfunding platform, which attracted many mothers and fathers. We participate, let people see the importance of contemporary young parents to the education of the next generation!

It is understood that the introduction of 3D printing technology into children's education has been popular in developed countries in Europe and America for many years. In the United States, almost all universities, middle schools and primary schools have opened 3D printing courses. Through the cultivation of 3D printing innovation awareness and practical skills for young people, the cultivation of high-quality talents with innovative thinking, independent thinking and practical skills has become the 'secret weapon' for 'Intelligent America' u200bu200bto establish its global leading advantage.

In China, as the application prospects of 3D printing technology in the field of manufacturing have become more and more promising in recent years, in the process of promoting STEAM maker education in my country, innovations based on 3D printing technology The guest education model is also favored by teachers and students. More and more primary and middle schools have enriched the classroom teaching methods by offering relevant courses, and built an open, open source, innovative and creative information-based maker education space to provide children with more professional and effective maker Educational courses.

The maker education expert of the Creators 3D 3D printer told the author that the focus of 3D printing education is not 3D printing technology itself, but to make 3D printing a powerful way for children to show their creativity and imagination. . Through learning 3D printing technology, children experience the whole process from'thinking' to'making', which can well cultivate children's imagination, creativity and scientific and practical skills, so that children can achieve all-round development in enjoyable play. And then achieve the purpose of real entertaining and entertaining!

It is precisely because of the superiority of 3D printing education that in recent years, many young parents have gradually realized the importance of learning 3D printing technology for their children's future growth. Therefore, when they were a little older, they enrolled in relevant interest classes for the children and purchased special 3D printer equipment for children to create a better learning environment for them.

However, it is not an easy task to buy a children's 3D printer that can replace ordinary educational toys and attract children to actively use it. The author has learned that before the release of the Creativity 3D smart mini 3D printer CR-100, many 3D printer devices for children's education on the market were often 'simplified versions' of ordinary desktop-level devices. In addition to the appearance and function of the children's products launched by some manufacturers, there is no substantial change in the operating experience that children need most. The complicated operation process makes even adults feel bored. Because of this, the emergence of Creativity 3D CR-100 has brightened the eyes of many moms and dads.

It is reported that CR-100 not only chooses the appearance color, but also adopts the more common sunset red and lemon among the educational toys on the market. Bright colors such as yellow can effectively attract children's attention visually. Its biggest highlight is that it has carried out a lot of innovations in the operation process. The user only needs to feed the material, insert the card and press the button in three steps, and then the equipment can enter the working state. There is no need to perform formal printing like ordinary desktop FDM 3D printers, such as platform leveling and nozzle preheating, which greatly reduces the threshold for children to use.

It is especially commendable that although the print size of CR-100 is only 100*100*80mm, the printing performance is very good. Relying on Chuangxiang 3D's years of technical accumulation in the development and production of 3D printer equipment, the quality of the printed models is as refined as that of professional-grade equipment. Therefore, the manufacturer also mentioned that the device is not only suitable for parent-child education, maker workshops and other educational fields, but also more professional literary creation and industrial design fields.

Currently, CR-100's crowdfunding activities on JD Finance are still in progress. The crowdfunding price is only 888 yuan/unit, and there is still a small amount of equipment remaining. At the same time, according to the official event announcement of Creative 3D, all the rewards from participating in the crowdfunding this time are expected to be sent to the participants before the 25th of next month. At that time, everyone can give the smart mini 3D printers obtained from participating in the activity as a New Year gift to the children at home. Allow children to use their imagination and hands-on abilities at home as they wish, helping them to truly enter the door of experiential learning!

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